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Press Release 2009


Two-in-one card with transit and shopping features can be used for commuting on public buses and trains, and for making payments at ERP, EZ-Link and MasterCard merchants in-store and online
Date: 23 October 2009
Issued By: EZ-Link Pte Ltd, MasterCard Worldwide

SINGAPORE - 23 October, 2009 - The latest and upgraded version of the FEVO Prepaid MasterCard card, on sale from today, now comes with an ez-link purse which complies with the Contactless E-Purse Application Standard.

First launched in April this year by EZ-Link Pte Ltd and MasterCard Worldwide, the FEVO Prepaid MasterCard features a card face that can be personalised with any picture, allowing cardholders to have a card like no other. The addition of a transit feature enhances the payment applications of this latest version, making it a two-in-one transit and payment card.

Besides being able to use the card for shopping convenience at MasterCard merchant locations worldwide, with the ez-link purse, cardholders will now also be able to tap it to pay fares on public buses, MRT and LRT trains. Furthermore, they are able to use FEVO for Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) transactions with the new generation In-Vehicle Unit, just like they would with a CEPAS-compliant ez-link card. The FEVO card can also be used to make payments at selected EZ-Link merchant outlets, such as 7-Eleven stores.

With MasterCard’s extensive network of over 29.4 million acceptance points worldwide, coupled with EZ-Link’s transit and local retail merchants, FEVO cardholders can now meet many of their shopping and commuting needs with just one card. The card can also be used to make online and phone purchases in Singapore and overseas, wherever MasterCard is accepted. The FEVO Prepaid MasterCard marks EZ-Link’s first major offering beyond its core product - the ez-link card, which is primarily used for public transportation.

Mr Nicholas Lee, Executive Director of EZ-Link Pte Ltd, said: “ With this two-in-one card combining the strengths of EZ-Link and MasterCard, consumers are offered a holistic shopping and commuting experience with the new FEVO card. By giving our consumers the option to personalise each individual card face, we have created a card that is unique amidst the slew of cards that are launched in the market. The same can also be said for the services that the FEVO card can offer to consumers. ”

The collaboration with EZ-Link to launch FEVO marks the first time MasterCard is working with a non-bank entity in Singapore to launch a Prepaid card. The card is also the first Prepaid MasterCard in Singapore with an ez-link purse.

Ms Julienne Loh, Vice President and Country Manager, Singapore, MasterCard Worldwide said: “ The prepaid card is ideal for consumers who want to spend within their means, and also enjoy the convenience of shopping at millions of merchants in Singapore, overseas and online, via the MasterCard payment network. The new public transit payment feature truly makes the FEVO Prepaid MasterCard the one card that can seamlessly integrate the lifestyle needs of today’s cost-conscious consumer.“

Unlike a credit or debit card, the FEVO Prepaid MasterCard has no minimum age or income requirement for its cardholders. It can be purchased with or without the ez-link purse feature. Both types of cards are required to be topped up with funds before use.

Currently, the Prepaid MasterCard can only be topped up at www.fevocard.com with a credit or debit card, but more top-up channels will be made available in time to come. The ez-link purse can be topped up at the usual channels, such as at MRT stations, AXS machines, DBS/POSB ATMs, 7-11 convenience stores and more.

The availability of online top-up also makes FEVO a convenient option for parents who wish to give their children pocket money and track their expenditure locally or overseas. The personalised card face also makes FEVO a unique gift option.

FEVO is an acronym for Freedom, Empowerment, Voice and Opinion. Visit www.fevocard.com for more details.