Q1. What is the EZ-Link Season Pass?

A1. It is a monthly or weekly travel pass designed for transit users who travel extensively on public transport. It is personalized with a photo ID and offers built-in insurance.

Q2. Why did EZ-Link decide to cease the Season Pass?

A2. As more travel schemes and options have been introduced, EZ-Link has decided to cease the Season Pass service to avoid duplication and confusion to the consumers. EZ-Link will continue to work towards delivering value, convenience and ease of travel to commuters in other ways.

Q3. Can I still apply for the EZ-Link Season Pass before 1st January 2015?

A3. You can still apply for a Season Pass until 31st October 2014.

However, in view of the impending cessation of the service from 1st January 2015, you are advised not to apply for the pass anymore, as you will not be able to get back any refund for the pass and personalization fee.

Q4. Can I still purchase the weekly/monthly pass before 1st January 2015?

A4. With a valid EZ-Link Season Pass in hand, you will still be able to purchase the passes according to the following dates:

Last day for Weekly Pass purchase – 25th December 2014 Last day for Monthly Pass purchase – 1st December 2014

Q5. What will happen to my EZ-Link Season Pass after 31st December 2014?

A5. After 31st December 2014, you can continue to use the pass as a normal adult ez-link card, for transit as well as at any other ez-link acceptance point.

Please note that as per any normal adult ez-link card, you will be required to maintain on your personalized card (without a valid Season Pass) a minimum stored value of:

$3.00, in order to commence a rail trip; or

An amount no less than the full adult fare applicable from the stage of boarding to the last stage of the bus trip.

For retail purchases, it is advisable to have sufficient value in the ez-link purse.

Q6. Will I get a refund for the fee which I have paid to apply for the EZ-Link Season Pass?

A6. You will not get any refund of the fee. However, you can continue to use the pass as a normal adult ez-link card.

Q7. I still have remaining stored value in my EZ-Link Season Pass, can I get a refund on the stored value?

A7. You are encouraged to use up the remaining value on your ez-link purse. If you would like to get a refund of the stored value, you may proceed to any TransitLink Ticket Office. Alternatively, you may proceed to any OCBC ATM for a refund where an admin fee will apply.

Q8. Are there alternative concession schemes or passes available in Singapore?

A8. For more information on new concession schemes and fares, please visit TransitLink’s website at www.transitlink.com.sg for more information.

Q9. How are current users informed about the cessation of the EZ-Link Season Pass?

A9. EZ-Link will be sending SMSes to pass holders; and placing advisory notices on the home page of its website (www.ezlink.com.sg), at TransitLink Ticket Offices, and on EZ-Link’s Facebook (www.facebook.com/myezlink) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/ezlinksg).

Q10. I have lost my EZ-Link Season Pass, what should I do?

A10. If your Season Pass is lost or stolen, please check if your pass is covered under any insurance policy taken up by EZ-Link or yourself. If it is, we advise that you claim for the refund for any partially used or unexpired Season Pass from the insurance company and/or the cost of the personalised card. You are advised to check the terms of the insurance policy (if any) and you should report the loss or theft of your Season Pass to the police within 24 hours from the time of occurrence, otherwise you may not be able to claim from the insurer.

If your Season Pass is not covered under any insurance policy, you may consider purchasing an adult ez-link card at any TransitLink Ticket Office to continue taking public transport. If you are interested in season schemes/passes, please visit TransitLink’s website for more information at www.transitlink.com.sg.

Q11. Who can I call for enquiries or feedback relating to the EZ-Link Season Pass?

A11. You can call the EZ-Link hotline at 6496 8300 from 0800 – 1800 daily except Public Holidays, or email customerservice@ezlink.com.sg.