Thank you for using EZ-Online.

We would like to inform all users of EZ-Online that the service will cease with effect from 6th September 2017. With the cessation, you will no longer be able to use the EZ-Online Reader to top- up or sync your ez-link cards.

However, there are many other ways you can conveniently sync and top-up your ez-link cards. You can do so anytime, anywhere with the My EZ-Link Mobile application or at AXS Stations and OCBC ATMs located across the island. For the complete list of channels to top-up and sync ez-link cards, please click here.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to call us at 6496 8300 daily except public holidays, from 8am to 6pm or send us an online enquiry here.

Thank you once again for your support.

With EZ-Online, top-ups are made convenient with 2 simple options to choose from.

Purchase an EZ-Online Reader and skip queues, add value to your ez-link card from the comfort of your home with a PC and Internet connection.

Alternatively, you can initiate a top-up for your ez-link card using Top and Tap. Once approved, you can proceed to any AXS Station to complete the top-up with a tap.


Frequently Asked Questions

Important notes:

  1. Convenience fees are applicable.
  2. For users who are on a 64-bit PC and using the 32-bit browser, please click here for the latest application ver 1.8.
  3. EZ-Online is only applicable for cards and purses issued by EZ-Link. Do note that CEPAS compliant concession cards are issued by LTA.
  4. Only credit cards and debit cards issued by Singapore banks shall be accepted for EZ-Online top-up payments.
  5. You should only use the EZ-Online top-up services using a valid Singapore issued credit/debit cards issued to you. EZ-Link will report any invalid, illegal or unauthorized use of credit/debit cards or use of fraudulent credit/debit cards to the police or relevant authorities.