I want to apply

Agreement by Applicant

I wish to apply for the EZ-Reload facility for the above ez-link card(s) using Credit or Debit Card (“EZ-Reload by Card”) listed in this electronic application.

I understand that the EZ-Reload facility for ez-link card is subject to EZ-Link’s Conditions for the Issue and Use of ez-link Cards and EZ-Link’s Terms and Conditions for EZ-Reload by Card, copies of which are available for inspection by clicking the respective hyperlinks above, copies of which are available for inspection by clicking the respective hyperlinks above, and I hereby agree to be bound by the provisions of the aforementioned Terms and Conditions, and as may be amended from time to time.

In this connection, I expressly agree that EZ-Link shall have the right to amend any or all of the EZ-Reload by Card Terms and Conditions and EZ-Link’s Conditions of Issue and Use for ez-link cards without prior notice to me.

This authorisation shall continue in force until such time where the EZ-Reload facility shall have terminated pursuant to the Terms and Conditions and all amounts due and owing from me to EZ-Link shall have been paid in full.

I agree that EZ-Link shall have the absolute discretion in accepting or rejecting my application without furnishing any reasons for so doing, and that EZ-Link/Transitlink shall further not in any way be held responsible for loss of the application or any delay in the application process.

I also agree that EZ-Link shall have the absolute discretion to terminate my EZ-Reload facility at any time without notice to me, and EZ-Link shall not be liable for any loss arising from the termination.

Note to Applicant

  1. The ez-link card will be topped up with the pre-selected value when the stored value on the card reaches zero or negative;
  2. EZ-Link shall be entitled to charge a convenience fee of Singapore Twenty-Five cents ($0.25) for each EZ-Reload transaction, which shall be charged to the Credit or Debit Card indicated in this application;
  3. Please inform EZ-Link of your new expiry date upon expiration of your credit/debit card or you have been issued a replacement credit/debit card with a new card number;
  4. Any change in top-up amount or credit/debit card number requires the current facility to be deactivated and a new application to be submitted. For further information, please call us at 6496 8300 or visit us at www.ezlink.com.sg.
  5. If there is a change in credit card number, due to loss, suspected fraud or credit card upgrade, please deactivate the facility by presenting your NRIC / Passport and ez-link card at any TransitLink Ticket Office. Please wait for at least 7 working days for the status of your ez-link card to be updated before reapplying for the facility again.
  6. In the event that EZ-Link is unable to obtain authorisation for the EZ-Reload transaction performed, EZ-Link will blacklist the ez-link card from further use until the outstanding amount is settled by you. EZ-Link shall not be liable for any inconvenience caused in such circumstances.
  7. You acknowledge and agree that by signing up for the EZ-Reload facility, you consent to EZ-Link collecting, retaining and using your personal information, as well as to disclose such personal information to your credit card bank and other third parties for the purposes of enabling the EZ-Reload facility. You also consent to EZ-Link sending you information regarding your EZ-Reload facility via SMS or email.