1. About the EZ-Link App

1.1 What is the EZ-Link App about?

The EZ-Link App is a free mobile application developed to enhance your overall experience with our full suite of EZ-Link products and services. This app supports the use of your EZ-Link such as ez-link cards, EZ-Charms and EZ-Link NFC SIM.

You will be able to access the following main functions:

  • Check the balance of your EZ-Link.
  • View the details of your EZ-Link (e.g. expiry date and card status).
  • View your transaction history.
  • Top up your EZ-Link (For NFC-enabled phones only).
  • Redeem EZ-Link Rewards points for exclusive items in the Rewards catalogue.

1.2 Where can I download the EZ-Link App?

You can download the EZ-Link App from the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

1.3 What are the phones that are compatible with the EZ-Link App?

The EZ-Link App is supported on phones that operate on either iOS or Android platforms. To enjoy the full suite of EZ-Link App features including on-demand top-up, please ensure that your handset has the approved Android versions installed. Click here for the list of My EZ-Link Mobile certified and tested NFC mobile phones. To deliver optimal experience for users, EZ-Link has conducted extensive testing on approved models and firmware.

1.4 My mobile device is not on the list of certified NFC handsets but the EZ-Link App still managed to check and read my EZ-Link. Why is that so?

You may still be able to read your EZ-Link on non-approved handset models and/or other firmware versions. However, you may at times experience intermittent performance issues. We are working with various handset manufacturers on firmware upgrade to resolve this.

1.5 How is the EZ-Link App different from the other card reading applications available on Google Play Store?

The EZ-Link App is the official mobile application developed by EZ-Link Pte Ltd and is the only mobile application that provides top-up of your EZ-Link via an NFC-enabled mobile phone.

2. Using the EZ-Link App

2.1 How do I begin using the EZ-Link App?

For new users, you will need to perform a one-time registration for a new EZ-Link account.

Upon successful registration, please add your EZ-Link to your account by either tapping your EZ-Link at the NFC antenna of your phone (If you are using an NFC-enabled phone, please ensure that the NFC function is switched on under your phone settings) or keying in the 16-digit CAN ID found on the back of your EZ-Link.









After you have successfully added your EZ-Link to your account, you will be able to check your card balance, view your EZ-Link transaction history and earn rewards. Please note that the top-up function is only available for NFC enabled phones.

More details on the EZ-Link Rewards can be found here.

2.2 Do I need to be connected via WiFi or data network when using the EZ-Link App?

The EZ-Link App will require an internet connection for functions such as the checking of EZ-Link transaction history, performing top-up transactions for your EZ-Link, and redeeming EZ-Link Rewards points for rewards on the catalogue. Should there be no internet connection, these functions will not be available.

2.3 I am using an NFC-enabled mobile phone that is compatible with the EZ-Link App. Why is there no response when I place my EZ-Link behind my phone?

This could be due to various reasons, including:

a) Presence of other contactless smartcards near the phone
The presence of other contactless smartcards nearby could have sent mixed signals to your phone and disrupted the reading of card information. All other contactless smartcards nearby should be removed to ensure proper detection.
b) Your EZ-Link not placed near the NFC antenna of the mobile phone
The position of the NFC antenna differs across various mobile phones. You may refer to your handset manual or your handset manufacturer to find out the exact location of the NFC antenna for your mobile phone.
c) Tapping of CEPAS Cards or Charms that are not issued by EZ-Link
The EZ-Link App is designed to work with CEPAS cards and EZ-Charms issued by EZ-Link, easily identifiable by the EZ-Link logo on the reverse side of the card or EZ-Charm.
d) EZ-Link not tapped and held properly
The NFC reader might not be able to capture the EZ-Link card/EZ-Charm information properly on the first tap due to movement. If this happens, remove your EZ-Link and try tapping again after a few seconds. Please remember to tap and hold your EZ-Link steadily throughout the transaction to minimise reading errors.
e) Performance of NFC antenna
The speed at which your EZ-Link is being read depends on the type of NFC antenna and transmission performance of the mobile phone. This means that you may need to hold your EZ-Link longer or tap again if you do not receive any response on your first try. Certain mobile phone casings may also affect the performance of the NFC antenna. You are recommended to remove your phone casing for optimal performance.

2.4 I am using a NFC SIM card. How do I access my NFC ez-link purse using the EZ-Link App?

NFC SIM card users can use the EZ-Link App to access the NFC EZ-Link purse by inserting the NFC SIM card into the phone and adding the NFC SIM card into the My EZ-Link page. The NFC SIM card should be automatically detected by the app.


2.5 What will happen if I delete and reinstall the EZ-Link App on my phone?

All your account information are saved and stored in our Cloud servers. When you reinstall the application on your phone and log in with the same login credentials, you would be able to retrieve all your account information.

2.6 Can I use the EZ-Link App on a non-NFC enabled phone?

Yes. The EZ-Link App works on both NFC-enabled and non-NFC enabled phones. However, the EZ-Link App requires the NFC functionality on a compatible mobile phones to support some of the app functions, such as topping up of your EZ-Link.

2.7 Why do I get an error saying that I have added an invalid EZ-Link?

The EZ-Link app only supports CEPAS cards, EZ-Charms and NFC SIM cards issued by EZ-Link. CEPAS cards and EZ-Charms issued by EZ-Link have a 16-digit CAN ID that begins with 100. Unfortunately, we are unable to support CEPAS cards issued by other providers such as NETS FlashPay. Similarly, we are unable to support Concession cards, as they are currently managed by LTA.

3. Managing My EZ-Link Account

3.1 Can I edit the email address of my account?

Yes, you can update your email address under the Profile page within the app.

3.2 I recently changed my mobile phone number. Can I update my new number in the EZ-Link App?

Yes, you can update your mobile number under the Profile page within the app. You would be required to verify the update with a One-Time Pin (OTP).

3.3 I recently changed my address. Can I update my new address in the EZ-Link App?

Yes, you can update your latest address under the Profile page within the app. Please make sure that you always update your latest address as some of the services offered by EZ-Link on the EZ-Link App require a valid address.

4. 1. Managing your EZ-Link from the EZ-Link App

4.1 How many EZ-Link can I add for each EZ-Link Account?

There is no limit to the number of EZ-Link you can add to your EZ-Link account.

4.2 How do I remove an EZ-Link from my EZ-Link account?

Under the “My EZ-Link” tab, select the EZ-Link you would like to remove and tap on the “Remove” option from the drop down list from the top right-hand corner of the page.

4.3 Why is my latest transaction not reflected in the EZ-Link App?

There might be a slight delay on some of the transactions due to the nature of the merchants and the transactions.

4.4 Can I rename my EZ-Link?

Yes. You can rename your EZ-Link to help you better identify the different EZ-Links in the details page of the selected EZ-Link

5. Managing your Credit/Debit Cards from the EZ-Link App

5.1 Why do I need to add my Credit/Debit card(s) to my EZ-Link account?

Your EZ-Link account stores your bank card details so that you do not have to re-enter these details every time you need to perform a top-up or sign up for one of EZ-Link’s services that require bank card information.

5.2 Which bank card can be added to my EZ-Link account?

Only locally-issued Mastercard and Visa Cards can be added to your EZ-Link account. Please note that Visa Electron cards are not accepted

5.3 Is it safe to use my credit/debit card in the App?

The EZ-Link App implements security practices and policies adopted by the payment card industry to ensure prevention of theft of credit/debit card information.

5.4 Can I remove my bank card from my EZ-Link account?

Yes. You can remove your bank card from your EZ-Link account by going into the respective bank card information page. However, please note that the removal of a bank card will not affect any of the EZ-Link products or services, i.e. EZ-Reload, that you have signed up with your bank card.

5.5 How many EZ-Link accounts can I link each of my bank card to?

Each bank card can only be added to one EZ-Link account. This prevents misuse of your bank card in the event of losing your bank card or unauthorised usage in their EZ-Link account.

5.6 Can I add more than one bank card to my EZ-Link account?

Yes. You can add multiple bank cards to your EZ-Link account.

5.7 My bank card in my EZ-Link account has expired. What should I do?

You can choose to update the expiry date of your new bank card. Alternatively, you can choose to remove the expired card and replace it with another. Please note that it is your responsibility to keep your bank card details updated.

5.8 What is a Primary Card?

A primary card is the default bank card that will be used for topping up your EZ-Link or applying for EZ-Link services require the use of a bank card for payment.  The first bank card added to your account will act as the primary card. You can nominate an alternative primary card after adding more bank cards to your EZ-Link account.

5.16 What should I do if my top-up transactions failed but my funds got deducted from my credit/debit card?

Please re-launch the EZ-Link App and go to the My EZ-Link page. If there are no funds loaded in your card and there is no incomplete top-up but your credit card is deducted, you may contact our customer service for assistance at 6496-8300 (Operating hours: 0800 – 1800 daily, except public holidays) or email us at customerservice@ezlink.com.sg. You will need to provide your ez-link card number, the first four and last four digits of your credit card (for e.g. 5569-xxxx-xxxx-1234), the top-up amount in question, the approximate transaction time and date and your contact details like email and telephone number.

6. Topping up your EZ-Link using the EZ-Link App

6.1 How much can I top up onto my EZ-Link each time?

You can select from pre-set top-up amounts of $10, $20, $50 or $100. A maximum top-up amount is limited to S$100 for each transaction.

6.2 How much do I have to pay for the top-up service?

A flat convenience fee of $0.30 is applicable for every successful top-up transaction (regardless of top-up amounts). However, EZ-Link is waiving this convenience fee in the interim.

6.3 Why do I have to pay convenience fee to use the top-up service?

Convenience fees are charged in order to offset processing and third-party costs incurred by EZ-Link to provide the top-up service.

6.4 What are the types of EZ-Link that can be topped up using the EZ-Link App?

You can top up your EZ-Link cards, EZ-Charms, EZ-Link Wearables and EZ-Link NFC SIM cards that are issued by EZ-Link, which include those sold over the counters; cards that are enabled with EZ-Reload (by Card or GIRO); co-brand bank cards and membership cards with EZ-Link purses embedded in them.

The EZ-Link co-brand bank and membership cards which can be topped up are:

  • Citibank SMRT Platinum Visa Card
  • DBS Live Fresh Visa payWave Card
  • EZ-Link FEVO Prepaid Mastercard
  • M1 Prepaid MasterCard
  • POSB Everyday Card
  • PAssion Card by People’s Association
  • Standard Chartered Unlimited World Mastercard

Standard Tickets, Park & Ride Tickets, NETS FlashPay and Concession Cards are not issued by EZ-Link and hence cannot be topped up via the EZ-Link App.

6.5 Is there a limit to the number of top-ups I can perform per day using the EZ-Link App?

There is no limit to the daily number of EZ-Link top-ups you can perform via the app. However, for security reasons, you will only be able to make a maximum of five top-ups using the same credit or debit card each day.

6.6 Can I perform a top-up transaction using the EZ-Link App during a bus journey?

No, you should not top up your EZ-Link via the EZ-Link app during a bus trip.

As part of the Distance Fares scheme implemented by LTA, commuters are charged the full bus fare upon tapping their EZ-Link when boarding and refunded the fare from remaining unconsumed journey upon tapping out when alighting. The amount to be refunded is computed based on the last transaction performed on your EZ-Link. Should you perform a top-up while completing your current bus ride, you will be charged the maximum fare even upon alighting from the bus.

Users are recommended to only perform top-ups on the EZ-Link App before or after their bus journeys. EZ-Link will not provide any refunds or claims on bus fares for failure to adhere to the above conditions.

Please note that MRT entry and exit terminals are not affected by the above limitations, meaning that users are able to perform top-up transactions using the EZ-Link App during their MRT journeys.

6.7 Can I apply for EZ-Reload auto top-up function using the EZ-Link App?

Application for EZ-Reload service is currently unavailable on the EZ-Link App. However, we will be enhancing the app to support the application for EZ-Reload in the near future.

6.8 When will the funds be debited from my credit/debit card account?

Once you have reached the “Top up successful” page during the top-up process, it would mean that the transaction has been approved and funds have been successfully debited from your account.

6.9 Can I cancel my top-up transaction?

Once you have authorised the top-up transaction, you will not be able to cancel your transaction as the funds would have been deducted from your credit/debit account. Please ensure that the top-up amount is right before authorising the transaction.

6.10 Is there a limit to the amount that I can top up for each EZ-Link?

The maximum amount that can be stored in your EZ-Link is $500. For top-up transactions using the EZ-Link App, the highest top-up amount that can be selected is $100.

6.11 How will I be billed for topping up via the EZ-Link App?

The top-up amount (inclusive of any convenience fee charges) will be reflected in your credit or debit card statement and indicated with ‘EZ-Link App’.

6.12 What should I do if I have already submitted my payment details and I lost data connection halfway while processing my top-up?

You can re-launch the EZ-Link App and check your transaction details for the particular EZ-Link once you are reconnected to the internet. There should not be any deductions made from your credit/debit card account if the top-up was unsuccessful. You may wish to contact the issuing bank of your credit/debit card to confirm.

6.13 My payment for my top-up has been processed but I accidentally exited from the EZ-Link App before I could tap my EZ-Link to complete the top-up process. What should I do now?

You can re-launch the EZ-Link App and go to the My EZ-Link page. If there is an incomplete top-up, it will be indicated accordingly. You can continue the top-up process by clicking the top-up button and you would be redirected to the final step of the top-up process.

6.14 What should I do if my top-up transactions failed but my funds got deducted from my credit/debit card?

Please re-launch the EZ-Link App and go to the My EZ-Link page. If there are no funds loaded in your card and there is no incomplete top-up but your credit card is deducted, you may contact our customer service for assistance at 6496-8300 (Operating hours: 0800 – 1800 daily, except public holidays) or email us at customerservice@ezlink.com.sg.


Please provide the following details for the investigation:

  • Your EZ-Link CAN number.
  • The first four and last four digits of your credit card (e.g. 5569-xxxx-xxxx-1234).
  • The top-up amount in question.
  • The approximate transaction time and date.
  • Your contact details: email and telephone number.

7. About NFC Technology

7.1 What is NFC?

NFC is the acronym for Near Field Communication, which is a short-range wireless communication technology that enables the exchange of data between devices.

7.2 What are the phone models that are supported by NFC?

Currently, many NFC-enabled mobile phones are available in the market. You can approach your mobile network operator for more details. However, do note that only specific models are compatible with the EZ-Link App. The models can be found here.

8. Other related FAQs

8.1 How can I file a claim for an incorrect deduction made on my EZ-Link for public transport rides?

You can file a claim with TransitLink via http://www.transitlink.com.sg or call the TransitLink hotline at 1800 2255 663.

8.2 How can I file a claim for an incorrect deduction made on my EZ-Link for a non-transit transaction?

For enquiries on deductions made on your EZ-Link for non-transit purposes, please contact the merchant from which you made your purchase from further clarification.