(A) Overview on the 'Journey with EZ-Link' giveaway campaign

1. What is the ‘Journey with EZ-Link’ giveaway campaign about?

It is an EZ-Link campaign that takes place from 4 July to 31 March 2015 to appreciate ez-link cardholders for their support and for making EZ-Link part of their life’s journey.

As part of this campaign, cardholders with cards expiring up till 31 March 2015 can get a free ‘Colour Your Journey’ ez-link card at all 48 TransitLink Ticket Offices* island-wide throughout the campaign period.

‘Colour Your Journey’ ez-link card recarding-color-ezlink-card

10 limited edition Special Justice League ez-link cards will also be made available to cardholders with cards expiring before 31 March 2015 at a cost of $3 at TransitLink Ticket Offices. The payment of $3 can only be made with deductions from the stored value remaining in the old expiring card**.

Designs of the 10 Special Justice League ez-link Cards. Available at all TransitLink Ticket Offices, while stocks last.


*For a complete list of TransitLink Ticket Offices locations, please refer here.

**Locations for sales of the Special Justice League ez-link cards and availability of designs shall be at EZ-Link’s discretion, which may be subjected to change without prior notice.

2. Is this the first time EZ-Link is offering the giveaway of new ez-link cards for cardholders with expiring cards?

This is the first time that EZ-Link is offering a giveaway on such a big scale and with a suite of benefits.

3. When was the last time the public had to get new ez-link cards?

The last time the public had to get new ez-link cards was during 2009, when CEPAS cards were introduced to replace older generation ez-link cards. The last exercise was conducted by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) as it was a nationwide change in card standards that required every commuter to switch to a new generation CEPAS card regardless of when their cards were expiring.

4. Why is EZ-Link holding a giveaway campaign now?

We will like to thank our loyal customers for making EZ-Link a constant companion on their journeys. We aim to continuously bring new value and benefits to our cardholders so that holders of cards expiring up till 31 March 2015 will not only get a new card, but also find out more about EZ-Link’s value-added services, such as the EZ-Reload (Auto Top-Up), the ‘Activate!’ programme which offers free card blocking service and free card insurance, as well as the My EZ-Link Mobile App that uses Near Field Communications (NFC) to top-up ez-link card and track transactions. The roadshows will be interactive and will serve as a good platform for cardholders to find out more about the uses and benefits of EZ-Link’s value-added services.

5. Will EZ-Link continue to offer a similar giveaway after 31 March 2015?

This giveaway campaign is for a limited period. We are not able to provide any further information at this point in time about future giveaways. However, at EZ-Link, we seek to deliver value to all of our cardholders on an on-going basis.

(B) Card Eligibility

1. How do I know if my ez-link card qualifies for the giveaway?

All cards expiring up till 31 March 2015 will qualify for the giveaway. There are several ways you can check the expiry date of your ez-link cards:

  1. From your card top-up receipts (refer to table below)
  2. At Add Value Machines and General Ticketing Machines
    • Place your ez-link card on the card reader and select ‘Card Details’ option for Add Value Machine or ‘Check Card’ option for General Ticketing Machine.
  3. Via My EZ-Link Mobile Application (only for owners of selected Near Field Communications (NFC) Android handsets)
    • Download the app from Google Play store
    • Tap your ez-link card on your NFC phone to view the expiry date

Existing channels to check for card expiry are as follow:

ChannelsCard Expiry on DisplayCard Expiry on Receipt
General Ticketing Machine (GTM)YesYes
Add Value Machine (AVM)YesYes
SAM MachineYesYes
EZ-Link Top-Up MachineNoYes
TransitLink Office TransactionsNoYes
Passenger Service CounterNoYes
AXS MachineYesNo
My EZ-Link Mobile AppYesNo

In addition, you can also check the card expiry date via a new Web Query System set up by EZ-Link:

  • Visit www.ezlink.com.sg, click on the ‘Check Card Eligibility for Exchange Here’ button and enter your 16 digit CAN number found on the back of your card.

2. My card is expiring after 31 March 2015, what if my card is expiring after that?

The current giveaway campaign is only for ez-link cards that are expiring up till 31 March 2015. We will announce any further plans in the due future.

3. What kinds of ez-link cards qualify for the card giveaway?

Only CEPAS-compliant Adult Anonymous ez-link cards qualify for the giveaway. If you have a faulty ez-link card, please approach any TransitLink Ticket Office for assistance.

The types of ez-link cards which are not eligible include:

  • Passion cards
  • Bank co-brand credit or debit cards (Eg. EZ-Link Imagine American Express® Prepaid Card, FEVO Prepaid MasterCard®)
  • Corporate cards
  • ez-link cards with EZ-Reload auto top-up facility
  • ez-link cards with passes components (Singapore Tourist Pass, Integrated Season Pass)
  • Refunded ez-link cards
  • Single trip ticket cards
  • Sony ez-link cards

In addition, holders of concession cards and NETS FlashPay cards are also not eligible for the giveaway.

Customers with Adult Anonymous ez-link cards that are tied to the EZ-Reload (Auto Top-Up) facility will be contacted via email with further instructions for a seamless card changeover.

The issuance of new cards for expiring PAssion ez-link cards and bank co-brand credit or debit cards (with EZ-Link function) will be managed by the respective banks and issuing organisations.

4. Why is my Concession Card not eligible for the card giveaway?

The giveaway is only applicable to cards issued by EZ-Link. Concession cards are issued by the Land Transport Authority to enable concessionary fare travel.

5. Why is my NETS FlashPay card not eligible for the card giveaway?

NETS FlashPay cards are not issued by EZ-Link Pte Ltd.

(C) Giveaway Campaign Benefits

1. What benefits do I enjoy by getting a new ez-link card in place of my old one?

By getting a new ez-link card, you will get to enjoy the following:

  • Free Card Protection under the ‘Activate!’ programme.
    • Cardholders have to ‘Activate!’ your free card protection at www.ezlinkactivate.com.sg or via the EZ-Link Mobile App, which can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play store. Once you have registered, we can block your card within 48 hours to prevent loss of monies should your card be stolen or lost.
    • If you want immediate protection on the stored value in your ez-link card instead of waiting for 48 hours, you can also opt for the free card insurance offered by ACE insurance in partnership with EZ–Link, which protects you up to $10 should there be unauthorised usage of the ez-link card after you have reported it lost.

2. Will I get the above benefits immediately upon getting my new ez-link card?

To enjoy card-blocking and free insurance, cardholders have to register for the EZ-Link ‘Activate!’ programme at www.ezlinkactivate.com.sg or via the EZ-Link Mobile App at iTunes or Google Play store and opt for the free coverage.

3. Why do I need to register?

By registering, we will be able to verify your identity to rightfully block your lost card and refund you the remaining monies in it.

(D) About the Giveaway

1. Who is eligible for this giveaway?

Cardholders with an Adult Anonymous ez-link card that is expiring up till 31 March 2015 are eligible for the giveaway.

2. Do I have to pay for the new card?

As long as your current ez-link card is readable and expiring before 31 March 2015, you can get the ’Colour Your Journey’ ez-link card for free.

Alternatively, cardholders whose cards are expiring before 31 March 2015 will also have the option of getting a Special Justice League ez-link card in place of their expiring cards, at a subsidised rate of only $3 which will be deducted from the remaining monies on the expiring ez-link cards at the point of purchase (on a while-stocks-last basis).

3. What if my ez-link card is not readable and I am unable to find out the expiry date?

We will automatically provide you with a new card in place of your old card if it is faulty or not readable. However, as we are unable to read the balance of your card immediately, we will need to process your card to refund you the amount within 14 days.

4. My expiring card has less than $3 left, can I pay the difference to purchase the Special Justice League in cash?

No. The payment of $3 can only be made with deductions from the stored value remaining in the old expiring card. Please ensure sufficient value in the expiring card if you wish to purchase the Special Justice League card. If the value is insufficient, please perform a top-up first.

5. Is there stored value in the giveaway card?

There is no stored value in the card.

6. What will happen to my monies in the old card?

The remaining monies in the old ez-link card will be transferred to the new ez-link card during the giveaway.

7. How much time do I have to get a card during the giveaway campaign? Will there definitely be stock available?

We have prepared more than a million cards and plan to hold the giveaway till the end of the year at the TransitLink Ticket Offices to give cardholders sufficient time to get their cards.

However, to avoid disappointment and last-minute rush, you are advised to get your new card at your earliest convenience.

8. How many cards has EZ-Link set aside for the giveaway?

We have set aside more than 1 million cards for the giveaway.

9. How will EZ-Link be updating on the availability of stocks at the different giveaway venues?

Although there is an ample supply of stock, EZ-Link will try to provide updates on stock availability as much as we can on EZ-Link’s Facebook (www.facebook.com/myezlink), Instagram (www.instagram.com/ezlinksg) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/ezlinksg) pages.

10. How many new ez-link cards am I entitled to?

The card giveaway is limited to one card per person.

11. I own more than one ez-link card that expires before 31 March 2015, can I get new cards for all of them?

No, you are only entitled to one free new ez-link card for an old one when you are in the queue at any one time.

12. What happens to the old ez-link card? Can I keep it?

At the point of the card giveaway, any remaining value in your card will be transferred to the new card. Your old ez-link card will be returned to you.

13. If I don’t change my old ez-link card before 31 March 2015, can I still get it for free in the future?

Our campaign is held on a limited time period and on a while-stocks-last basis. We are not able to provide free cards after the campaign is over or after stocks have run out.

14. I have an ez-link card that expires before March 2015 but I do not wish to get a new card. Can I just get the remaining monies out from my card?

Yes, you can visit any TransitLink Ticket Office to get a refund.

15. What if I am a current EZ-Link ‘Activate!’ or INSINC member?

Please note your 16-digit CAN number found on the back of your old card and de-register it at www.ezlinkactivate.com.sg or insinc.sg respectively before registering with your new card number.

16. Can my new ez-link card be used as a concession pass?

No, your new ez-link card cannot be used as a concession pass, as they are Adult Anonymous cards issued by EZ-Link. Concession cards are issued by LTA, not by EZ-Link.

17. Will I lose my EZ-Rewards points during the giveaway?

Please remember to de-register your old ez-link card number on http://www.ezrewards.com.sg/ and re-register your new ez-link card number. The existing EZ-Rewards points in the old ez-link card will be transferred to the new ez-link card after you have registered your new card.

18. Do I qualify for a free giveaway if I am an EZ-Reload (Auto Top-Up) Customer?

If you are currently an EZ-Reload (Auto Top-Up) customer using credit card or GIRO, you automatically qualify for a free ez-link card if your old card is expiring in 2014. In fact, you don’t have to queue and we will prepare the new card and mail it to you.

19. What will happen to my travel rebates on the old ez-link card before the giveaway exercise?

Travel rebates are tied to the ez-link card and are applicable only within a certain travel period. For more information on the rebates, please visit here.

(E) Others

1. Who should I contact if I have more questions about the giveaway?

For enquiries on the giveaway campaign, members of the public can call EZ-Link’s customer service hotline at 6496 8300. Operational hours are from Monday-Sunday, 8am to 6pm, excluding Public Holidays.

Alternatively, please email all queries to customerservice@ezlink.com.sg.