Life’s made easy with Top & Tap!


  • Top: pre-authorise a top-up for your ez-link card via EZ-Online.
  • Tap: all you need to do after that is to sync up the value onto any EZ-Online Reader, or AXS Stations.

Ready to Top & Tap? Follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Read and agree to the use for Remote Authorisation appended below.

Step 2: Key in the correct ez-link CAN number of the card that you wish to top-up.

Step 3: Chose the amount desired and key in your Credit / Debit Card details.

(with your EZ-Online reader)

Step 4: Once approved, either:

  1. Tap on your EZ-Online reader if you own one, or
  2. Proceed to any AXS Station or EZ-Online Terminal to ‘tap’ the value into your cards.

Click here to find out locations of AXS Stations.


Please read the EZ-Online Terms & Conditions of Use for Remote Authorisation of Top up via EZ-Online services.

By accessing and/or using the services of EZ-Online, you hereby accept and agree to abide by the EZ-Online Terms & Conditions of Use.

By clicking on the “TOP-UP” and/or “TAP HERE” button above and proceeding to use the EZ-Online services, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the EZ-Online terms and conditions of use and understand that the convenience fee for top-ups via EZ-Online is waived for a limited time and that EZ-Link may introduce such fees in the future.

Please ensure that the ez-link card number of the card you wish to top-up is keyed in accurately to avoid topping up the wrong card.

Important notes:

  1. Top-ups via EZ-Online are only applicable to cards and electronic purses that are issued by EZ-Link and is not applicable to concession cards issued by LTA.
  2. Only credit and debit cards issued by Singapore banks shall be accepted by EZ-Online top-up payments.