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EZ-Online offers you the ultimate convenience of topping up your ez-link card from your home or office.

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Check Transaction Records Check and print your ez-link card's detailed transaction history for up to 30 records at any time.

Manage Your Expenditure Choose your desired top-up value with each transaction to be in full control! In addition, each top-up earns you loyalty benefits with your respective banks!

To enjoy all the above benefits of EZ-Online, go on to purchase an EZ-Online reader from these retail outlets. Alternatively, you may click here for online purchase of the readers
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Important notes:

  1. Convenience fees are applicable.
  2. For users who are on a 64-bit PC and using the 32-bit browser, please click here for the latest application ver 1.8.
  3. EZ-Online is only applicable for cards and purses issued by EZ-Link. Do note that CEPAS compliant concession cards are issued by LTA.
  4. Only credit cards and debit cards issued by Singapore banks shall be accepted for EZ-Online top-up payments.
  5. You should only use the EZ-Online top-up services using a valid Singapore issued credit/debit cards issued to you. EZ-Link will report any invalid, illegal or unauthorized use of credit/debit cards or use of fraudulent credit/debit cards to the police or relevant authorities.

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