Train Concession Pass (TCP) for primary, secondary students and NS men on sale from 1 October 2002

Issued By: Transit Link Pte Ltd

Come 1 October 2002, all primary, secondary students and NS men will join the tertiary students to enjoy the convenience of the Train Concession Pass – the electronic contactless equivalent of the Monthly Concession Ticket (MCT) – for their ez-link cards.

Similar to the Bus Concession Pass (BCP), the Train Concession Pass is encoded directly onto the relevant ez-link cards upon purchase. Holders of an ez-link card with a TCP encoded need only carry one card to enjoy concession travel on the MRT/LRT. This is unlike the past where students had to carry their Student Identification Pass and an MCT for train travel.

Prices remain unchanged at $20 for primary school students, $25 for secondary school students, $45 for tertiary students and $50 for NS men. It can be bought up to 7 days in advance. As it is with the MCT, the TCP allows a maximum of four rides a day for one month regardless of the distance traveled. It is effective for use from any day of the month for one month (This is calculated as valid till the (n-1)th day of the following month where n is the effective date of the TCP).

Students who wish to enjoy concession travel on both buses and trains can buy a Hybrid Concession Pass (HCP), which is a combination of the Bus Concession Pass (BCP) and TCP. The HCP allows unlimited bus concession travel on basic fare bus services and up to 4 train rides per day regardless of the distance traveled for the effective month.

The launch of the TCP for the primary, secondary school students and NS men signals the complete phasing out of the magnetic MCT which was first launched in 1988. The MCT services more than 13,000 students and NS men each month.

Tertiary students were the first to use the TCP and HCP during Phase 1 of its launch on 15 September this year. More than 2,800 tertiary TCP and HCPs have already been sold within the first ten days of its launch.

The paper bus stamp, which was in use since 1978, went electronic recently. Sale of BCP for tertiary students commenced on 1 July and primary and secondary student BCP on 1 September this year. Between 1 September to 25 September, 33,244 BCPs have been sold.

For more information, visit or call TransitLink Hotline at 1800 767 4333

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