EZ-Link and Visa Asia Pacific announce new card top up scheme

Issued By: QB Pte Ltd

SINGAPORE, 21 August 2003 – EZ-Link Pte Ltd and Visa Asia Pacific announced today the introduction of a revolutionary card scheme that links your ez-link card to your credit or debit card for automatic top up.

Through the partnership of VISA and EZ-Link, commuters can now link, up to seven ez-link cards, to their credit or debit card through a simple application form. Once the link is approved by the respective card issuing bank, card holders will be able to enjoy the convenience of never having to wait in line at a Ticket Office or ticketing machine to top up their ez-link cards as it will be done automatically.

Said SVP for Business and Technology of EZ-Link, Nicholas Lee, " We are thrilled and proud to partner Visa in the launch of this unique service that offers commuters greater convenience when travelling on our transport system. This milestone marks our commitment to continuously seek and introduce new and exciting ways to offer our customers greater value and more convenience when using our ez-link card. "

The automatic top ups onto the ez-link card are made via card readers in the transit system such as MRT gates and bus processors. The value is added onto the card when the MRT gate or bus processor determines that the remaining value on the card has reached or dipped below zero. Commuters will not have to worry about holding insufficient cash in their wallets to do a top-up at the TransitLink Ticket Office.

The value to be automatically loaded onto the card each time is determined by the user when applying for the top up service. The user has a choice of pre-setting the top up value to either $20, $30, $40 or $50. Each automatic top-up transaction will cost 25 cents.

Statistics show that on average, commuters top-up their cards about 3 to 4 times a month either via lining up at the ticketing office, general ticketing machines or at the add value machines. This new service would eliminate the hassle of constantly ensuring sufficient value in the ez-link card. It is similar to the GIRO scheme that was introduced for ez-link cards in November 2002, the credit card top up facility provides yet another channel for commuters to top up their cards, but with the greater convenience and benefits of a credit facility.

Dennis Ng, Singapore Country Manager for Visa Asia Pacific said given the hectic lifestyles of Singaporeans, this added convenience shaves off a lot of valuable time for commuters. "Time costs money and commuters shouldn’t be standing in line at a ticket counter when they should be on the go instead. By linking your ez-link card to your Visa credit or debit card, you are assured of better use of your time and easier tracking of your expenses. With a Visa credit card, you won’t have to worry if there’s a possibility of insufficient funds in your bank account; and by topping up your ez-link card, and perhaps that of your family members, you will also be chalking up loyalty points for redemption of benefits linked to your credit card program."

From 21 August 2003 to 29 February 2004, Visa cardholders will receive a lucky draw chance for each approved Visa ez-link Auto Credit Card Top-up application. 50 winners will enjoy free travel on their ez-link card for one year (up to $2,000).

To apply, the commuter can obtain an application form at any TransitLink Ticket Office or the ez-link website and upon completing the application, mail in to Transit Link head office. The application process will take about 3 weeks and a letter confirming approval will be sent to the commuter.

The commuter will then take the ez-link card(s) to any TransitLink Ticket Office to link it to the designated credit or debit card account. The cards would then be activated with the scheme.

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