Mobile Top-UP for EZ-Link card at Yishun and Eunos MRT Stations

Issued By: EZ-Link Pte Ltd, Systems@Work

SINGAPORE, 25 November 2004 – Commuters passing through Eunos and Yishun MRT stations can now top-up their ez-link cards while on the go. Instead of having to queue to top-up, commuters can now have their ez-link cards topped up via their mobile phones, authorizing payments from their credit cards or bank accounts.

Mobile Top-Up is an innovative service by Systems@Work, with the support of EZ-Link Pte Ltd. The second phase of the Mobile Top-Up pilot service will be available at both the Eunos and Yishun MRT stations where the Fixed Location Processors (FLP) have been installed.

Fixed Location Processors (FLP) developed by the Land Transport Authority (LTA), is a new device that enables commuters to carry out ez-link card enquiries, card transactions and top-ups.

Mobile Top-Up was first introduced at Anglo Chinese School (ACS )(Barker Road) on 24 September 2003. The pilot started in the close and controlled environment of ACS (Barker Road) to encourage cashless payments. Based on the encouraging trend of usage from this first phase, Systems@Work, with the support of EZ-Link Pte Ltd, will embark on the next phase of pilot to open the Mobile Top-Up service to the public.

“We are glad to see this initiative enter its second phase following last year’s successful launch at ACS Barker Road. This Mobile Top-Up would provide an alternative means of top-up at MRT stations. It also gives the commuters greater control and convenience as all they need to do is to synchronise the top-up at the FLP at these stations,” said Mr Nicholas Lee, Senior Vice President, EZ-Link.

How to top-up using FLP

During this phase of the pilot, users of Mobile Top-Up simply need to call the hotline number 68725550 using their mobile phones, key in the 9-digit ez-link card number, select the top-up amount and key in their credit card number to authorise payment. They will receive instantaneous confirmation of the transaction via the short message system, after which they can proceed to the FLP located at Eunos and Yishun SMRT stations to synchronise the value on their cards.

For extra convenience, users can log on to and sign up as a TeleMoney user for free. This enables the user to simply authorise the ez-link card top-up by keying in their chosen personal TeleMoney pin number. He or she will also be able to authorise payment from bank accounts in addition to credit cards and pre-select a default payment method.

“Having the Mobile Top-Up service available at public places such as Eunos and Yishun MRT stations is definitely in line with the mobile lifestyle trends of Singaporeans. Singaporeans can now have the added convenience of topping up their ez-link cards even as they are on the move. Systems@Work has been a key player in the secured mobile and online payment industry in Singapore since 2000. We are happy to work with EZ-Link -to provide this forward looking Mobile Top-Up infrastructure and service to the public.” Said Mr Ng Fook Sun, CEO, Systems@Work.

The Mobile Top-Up service will be available for public trial from 25 November 2004 till end of April 2005. In addition, for a limited period, all charges for the usage of this service will be waived. Consumers are encouraged to try out this service at both Eunos and Yishun SMRT stations and to give their feedback via A token of appreciation will be given to each feedback while stocks last.

Members of the public who require assistance or more information on this service can call the TransitLink hotline at 1800 7674-333 between 8.00AM and 6.00PM daily except public holidays.

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