Commencement of sales of the new Cepas-Compliant EZ-Link card

Issued By: EZ-Link Pte Ltd

SINGAPORE, 26 December 2008 – EZ-Link will start selling its new ez-link cards which are CEPAS compliant on Monday 29th December 2008 , making them the first company to adopt the new Singapore Standard for Contactless ePurse Application. Being CEPAS-compliant, the new ez-link card can also be used with any other systems built on CEPAS across the transit and non-transit space giving their customers more payment options in 2009. Cardholders will be able to distinguish the new card from the existing ez-link card by the new card face design as well as the CEPAS logo which appears on the reverse of the card.

Starting with its anchor application – payment for public transport fares, EZ-Link together with its partner QB will progressively extend its payment services of the new card to all its current non-transit and retail payment applications like McDonalds, 7-Eleven and SMRT Taxis. The new ez-link cards can eventually be used in the next generation In-vehicle Unit for Electronic Road Pricing transactions and parking payments at Electronic Parking System (EPS) carparks. In preparation for the expected increased usage, the new card can store a value of up to $500.00, as compared to the maximum $100.00 stored value for the existing card. The increase in capacity for the stored value component of the new card enables users to have a multi-purpose card for use in the sectors of public transport, retail, ERP and parking at EPS carparks.

Mr. Nicholas Lee, Executive Director EZ-Link Pte Ltd.commented, “The launch of the new ez-link card opens up an entirely new chapter for cashless payments in Singapore. Its compliance to CEPAS standard means that in addition to enjoying using this card in transit, consumers can look forward to using the card in many other payment applications. To support the greater usage, EZ-Link is working with the Land Transport Authority and other partners to expand the number of top-up points to bring convenience to the users.”

The new card is sold at $15 that is made up of a $5 card cost and a $10 stored value. However, current ez-link cardholders will get their new CEPAS-compliant cards in a free one-to-one card replacement exercise which will start in January 2009. Details of the exercise will be announced early next year.

Unlike the existing ez-link card, the new card does not contain a travel deposit. Card users can now use the full stored value of the card for both transit and non-transit purposes. With the removal of the travel deposit, the balance value reflected at all card reader devices will be the actual stored value of the card. This will make it much simpler for commuters to decide when to top-up the stored value of their cards.

However, users of the new ez-link cards are advised to have a minimum of $3 stored value in their cards while commuting in the train network or using basic bus trunk services to ensure they have sufficient funds to cover the longest trip. To help commuters maintain this minimum value, a series of alerts have been set on bus readers. When the stored value of any new card being used falls below $5, the bus reader will give off green and amber alert flashes and the reader will display the message “Please Top Up”. When there is insufficient stored value to complete a trip, the reader will give off a combination of red flashes and beeps, with the message “Pay Cash” displayed. In the latter case, users may either use another ez-link card or switch to using cash to pay for their trip.

Similarly, the fare gate reader on the train network will display the message “Please Top Up” when the stored value of the new card being used is less than $5. When there is insufficient stored value to complete a trip, the reader will display the message “Please Top Up” or “Card Failed”, “Insufficient Value”. Please Top Up”. In both instances, commuters are advised to top up their card before entering the MRT network.

The new ez-link card can be topped up at all current top-up points for the existing card, including TransitLink Ticketing offices, Passenger Service Counters, TransitLink Add Value Machines and General Ticketing Machines with immediate effect. Additional top up-channels within retail spaces and heartlands will be made available progressively upon commencement of the card replacement exercise.

In appreciation to the public for their support of the ez-link card, EZ-Link is extending to users of the new ez-link card a free 6-month accident insurance coverage underwritten by ACE Insurance. Users can sign up at to enjoy this immediate benefit absolutely free, as well as other commuter friendly packages which protect users against the loss of their ez-link card or misuse of credit cards in the event of theft or loss for just 15 cents a day.

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