Media Alert – Upgraded EZ-Link Cards on SimplyGo

Following LTA’s recent announcement on the new SimplyGo pilot for EZ-Link Cards, we wanted to share additional details on what you can expect from the Upgraded EZ-Link Cards.

With this transition, Upgraded EZ-Link Cards can tap on SimplyGo’s platform, which allows for more ease and convenience when travelling. This move demonstrates EZ-Link’s alignment with Singapore’s smart nation goals, and commitment to digital innovation with a customer-centric focus. EZ-Link hopes to provide consumers a seamless experience during their transit, while integrating it with their daily lifestyle needs.

Some of the new functions of the Upgraded EZ-Link Card, paired with the EZ-Link app, are as follows:

Skip the queues and top up on the go!
The upgraded EZ-Link Card on SimplyGo allows users to top it up via the EZ-Link app on their Android or iOS devices. No more long queues and wallet-fumbling.

• Top up on behalf of others
Top up EZ-Link Cards for family members anytime, anywhere. Users can do so by adding their cards to their registered EZ-Link account.

• Track your travel spending
Keep track of travel expenditure and history easily through a registered EZ-Link account. Users can review both individual trip fares as well as total expenditure.

• Earn Reward points
Earn reward points for every transaction made with the Upgraded EZ-Link Card.

• Lost your card?
Cards can be blocked immediately via the app to prevent unauthorised usage

• Receive Instant Updates
Get notified via push notifications for every transaction made and if there is a low balance.

We have also attached an infographic to illustrate the above, for your use. You may also reference the EZ-Link page here for more details and FAQ.


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