A contactless payment pioneer
Establishment by the Land Transport Authority on 8 January 2002, EZ-Link pioneered the first large-scale contactless payment system for Singapore’s public transit network. Its core business is in the sale, distribution and management of ez-link cards, as well as the clearing and settlement of all EZ-Link transactions generated in transit and non-transit sectors.

A daily companion for Singaporeans
Since 2002, EZ-Link has issued more than 40 million ez-link cards, including 30 million cards compliant with the Singapore Standard for Contactless ePurse Application (CEPAS). Today, it is still the predominant public transit card in Singapore, also widely used for shopping, dining, private transport, government services and community services at more than 30,000 acceptance points across the island; as well as for Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) toll fees and Electronic Payment System (EPS) parking fees.

An e-payment nation enabler
Over the years, EZ-Link continued to propagate micropayments in Singapore to bring all Singaporeans, young and old, onto the nation’s cashless journey. Notable efforts include making EZ-Link and Concession cards accepted at hawker centres and collaborating with partners to offer EZ-Link as a payment option for vending machines.EZ-Link has also partnered NTUC Social Enterprises to encourage retail spending by offering LinkPoints to those who link EZ-Link and Plus! cards; and enhance user convenience by introducing loose change top-up at Cheers outlets. EZ-Link has also launched an enhanced EZ-Reload service on the EZ-Link Mobile app to promote auto top-ups.

A relentless innovator
Placing innovation at the core of its business, EZ-Link continuously introduces new products and services to the market such as:
  • “My EZ-Link Mobile” Application – the award-winning world’s first Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile application for EZ-Link top-ups;
  • “EZ-Pay” – Singapore’s first free card-less ERP payment service;
  • “EZ-Link NFC SIM” – the first NFC payment service on Singapore’s public transit;
  • “EZ-Charms” – the first CEPAS trinket with full EZ-Link functionalities in novelty designs; and
  • “YouTrip”, the first multi-currency mobile wallet for Singapore travellers with You Technologies Group.
A digital payments trendsetter
EZ-Link has embarked on a digital transformation journey to reinvent its CEPAS and other services to enhance user experience and strengthen its capabilities for future business growth. Leading the transformation, the EZ-Link Mobile app has turned using EZ-Link into a totally digital experience. The app places essential value-added services such as topping up, checking of transactions, earning of rewards, card blocking and application for EZ-Reload and EZ-Pay at the fingertips of all its users.

A caring corporation
Dedicated to driving change in the community, EZ-Link has worked with People’s Association, Community Chest, Dyslexia Association of Singapore, Pathlight Artist Development Programme and other organisations to provide financial assistance to low-income families and other individuals in need; and assist children with special needs to develop their talent.

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