The ez-link card in circulation right now is the first card to be launched that adheres to the new Singapore Standard for Contactless ePurse Applications (CEPAS) that can be used for LTA’s New e-payment system for public transport.

Technology of the ez-link card

The ez-link card is a thin, compact card conforming to ISO/IEC 7816 card dimensions (similar to credit card). The card surface is made of PET material that is environmental friendly.

A tamper-proof IC chip and antenna are built into the card. Both the card and the reader communicate by using radio wave via wireless communication. The sensing distance between the card and the transit reader is up to 10cm. The card itself contains no battery but operates from electromagnetic energy received from the reader.

Both the card and the reader ensure secure, fast and reliable transmission of data between them. The strong encryption techniques prevent eavesdropping and fraudulent use. This helps to ensure the integrity of transaction information captured.

Advancing the technology with NFC*

EZ-Link supports the initiative by IDA to set up an interoperable infrastructure that will allow the consumer to benefit from the whole range of services that can be realised with the full potential of NFC through the endorsement and co-operation of industry players like banks, telcos, and retailers.

EZ-Link is looking forward to working with its partners to offer our mutual customers more innovative products and services through this new technology.

*NFC stands for Near Field Communications which is a short-range wireless technology which transfers data between devices over a short distance.

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