Have an expiring EZ-Link card? Exchange yours for a brand new EZ-Link card



Don’t miss out on this limited edition SCOOB! EZ-Link card at only $3 when you exchange it for your expired or expiring EZ-Link cards at any TransitLink Ticket Office!*

Don’t let months pass by! A Refund Service Charge of $1 will be charged per month for cards that have expired for 2 years or more until the value is refunded or fully depleted.

Terms & Conditions

Before you head down to the TransitLink Ticket Office, do make sure you have read these terms and conditions:

  • Valid only for adult EZ-Link cards that are expiring/expired before 31 December 2021.
  • $3 will be deducted from the old EZ-Link card for the purchase. No cash payment shall be accepted. In the event that the old EZ-Link card has insufficient value, cardholders may either top up the old EZ-Link card or use any other valid EZ-Link card for payment.
  • Remaining value in the old EZ-Link card will be transferred to the new EZ-Link card. Once the old EZ-Link card is refunded, the card will be terminated.
  • Cardholders with Auto Top-Up (EZ-Reload) may continue using the EZ-Link card until expiry.
  • Each person is limited to 1 SCOOB! EZ-Link card at $3 per EZ-Link card that expires before 31 December 2021.
  • Not applicable for Concession Cards, PAssion Cards, Bank Co-Brand Cards, Corporate Cards and NETS FlashPay.
  • Locations of sales of the SCOOB! EZ-Link card and availability of designs shall be at EZ-Link’s discretion and on while stocks last basis which may be subjected to change without prior notice.
  • Please check your EZ-Link card expiry. Your EZ-Link card is valid for use for 5 years from the date of issue.
  • From 1 Nov 2016, a Refund Service Charge of $1 will be charged per month for EZ-Link cards that have expired for 2 years or more. It will be deducted from the remaining stored value (if any), until the card is refunded or fully depleted.
  • Other EZ-Link Terms and Conditions apply.

Want to find out your EZ-Link card expiry date? Download the EZ-Link app  and tag the card to your account to check!

Here’s other ways you can check for your card expiry.


*Design is based on availability at TransitLink Ticket Offices.

FAQs for changing your expiring or expired EZ-Link cards

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Only CEPAS-compliant Adult Anonymous EZ-Link cards qualify for the campaign. If you have a faulty EZ-Link card, please approach any TransitLink Ticket Office for assistance.

The types of EZ-Link cards which are not eligible include:

  • Bank co-brand credit or debit cards (Eg. EZ-Link Imagine American Express® Prepaid Card, FEVO Prepaid MasterCard®)
  • Corporate cards
  • Refunded EZ-Link cards
  • Single trip ticket cards
  • Sony EZ-Link cards

In addition, holders of concession cards and NETS FlashPay cards are also not eligible for the campaign.

Customers with Adult Anonymous EZ-Link cards that are tied to the EZ-Reload (Auto Top-Up) facility are encouraged to purchase and apply EZ-Reload (ATU) again for their new card. Note that EZ-Reload (ATU) will not be terminated for your old card. You may use it till its expiry date.

The issuance of new cards for expiring PAssion EZ-Link cards and bank co-brand credit or debit cards (with EZ-Link function) will be managed by the respective banks and issuing organizations.

Customers with EZ-Link cards on EZ-Reload (Auto Top-Up) are eligible to purchase the subsidised EZ-Link card at $3. Please note that EZ-Reload (ATU) will not be disabled on your old card and you can continue to use it till expiry. You are highly encouraged to apply for EZ-Reload (ATU) for your new card to continue uninterrupted service.

No, customers on EZ-Reload (Auto Top-Up) with cards expiring before 31 December 2021 are now eligible for the purchase a new EZ-Link card at a subsidized cost of $3. You are highly encouraged to apply for EZ-Reload (ATU) on your new card purchased. You can continue to use your expiring card to continue to enjoy the EZ-Reload (ATU) service until the card’s expiry date.

The campaign is only applicable to cards issued by EZ-Link.
Concession cards are issued by the Land Transport Authority to enable concessionary fare travel.

NETS FlashPay cards are not issued by EZ-Link Pte Ltd.