EZ-Monzee is the latest addition to the EZ-Link family and he was born to share and explain the features of EZ-Link’s value-added services – mainly EZ-Reload, EZ-Link Rewards with Perx and My EZ-Link Mobile App. He is also here to make your life easier when you use the ez-link card!

Optimistic, kind and punctual, EZ-Monzee has huge eyes and a squarish blue body. The antenna above his head is the EZ-Link logo. Representing the brand essence, it is flexible and follows him everywhere.

Depending on whether he is looking for some playful fun or in the ‘saving the world’ mood, EZ-Monzee would sometimes wear accessories such as a cap or a cape.



This contains the essence of EZ-Link – it makes your life easy!


With eyes almost the size of his head, EZ-Monzee is able to spot all the best deals and opportunities from far.


The body is an indispensable part of EZ-Monzee as it is linked seamlessly to all his vital parts such as his head, antenna, legs and hands. Similarly, our lives are now connected to the services of EZ-Link easily and fuss-free, every day.


With zippy movements, he is always one step ahead of everyone.


He has hands on many products and projects now and for the future.


His 3 teeth can generate 3 times the amount of pressure to create more value for consumers.

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