All applications are via the AXS machines island-wide.
Find out the locations of AXS machines.


All customers with DBS/POSB savings or current account.


Apply at AXS with your ez-link card and DBS/POSB ATM card. Click here to find out locations of AXS stations


You can activate EZ-Reload  on your ez-link card via GTM or My EZ-Link Mobile App. You will need

  • Your ez-link card
  • AXS Receipt containing your ARN number.

For instructions to activate EZ-Reload via GTM, click here.

For instructions on activating EZ-Reload via EZ-Link App, click here.


  • $0.15 convenience fee per top-up
  • $1 application fee per card
  • A refundable deposit amount equivalent to the chosen EZ-Reload by Giro top-up amount for each ez-link card
  • $2 administrative fee for each unsuccessful deduction from bank account


EZ-Reload customers who have provided an email address, will get monthly email statements on top-up transactions made to your EZ-Reload enabled ez-link card.

  • Emails will be sent to customers from 8th of the month up to 20th of the month.
  • Only activated records with top up transaction posting (regardless of a successful or unsuccessful top-up) will receive statement.
  • Each bank / credit card account will receive one email. Should you wish to receive the monthly e-Statements, please update us with your email address here. For T&Cs, please click here.

Important notes:

  1. A convenience fee of $0.15 is chargeable for each EZ-Reload by GIRO top-up.
  2. The EZ-Reload scheme is only applicable for cards and purses issued by EZ-Link. For information pertaining to concession cards and application for Auto Top-up for concession cards, please click here.
  3. EZ-Reload occurs at all transit readers and at most retail and F&B outlets except for 7-Eleven Stores, some retail outlets that are also EZ-Link’s top-up agents, selected self service kiosk and Dairy Farm Group stores.
  4. You should only apply for the EZ-Reload facility using a DBS/POSB bank account belonging to you. EZ-Link will also report unauthorized use of DBS/POSB bank account to the police or relevant authorities.