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2nd Generation In-Vehicle Unit (IU)


EZ-Reload Corporate Service is a Business to Business service provided by EZ-Link which enables automatic top-up of ez-link cards when there are insufficient funds for ERP and Electronic Parking (CEPAS) payments

With EZ-Reload Corporate Service, companies with a fleet of vehicles can link up to 1,000 ez-link cards to their Citibank or DBS Corporate Card which will be automatically topped-up whenever they fall short of the stored value for payment.  . As such, vehicles with the 2nd Generation In-Vehicle Unit (IU) with the ez-link cards allow their drivers to enjoy the convenience of having sufficient funds for ERP or Electronic Parking (CEPAS) payments. In addition, timely reports are consolidated for the companies’review, facilitates the ease of finance reconciliation, streamlining the reimbursement processes as well as monitoring of their drivers’ usage patterns.


Benefits of this Service


Always Sufficient Funds

Drivers will not have to worry about having insufficient funds in ez-link cards.



No More Last Minute Top-ups

Eliminates the hassle of searching and queuing up at physical top-up machines.


Automation on Administration Work and Transactions Tracking

Reduces paperwork by streamlining the reimbursement process for employers.


Enhanced Security

Ensure that ez-link cards are only used for ERP and Electronic Parking (CEPAS) charges.

Application Process

To apply for EZ-Reload Corporate service, please email in to the email address stated below with subject title “EZ-Reload Corporate Service”. The whole application process will take approximately 21 days.

  • Eligibility: Vehicle should be fitted with 2nd Generation In Vehicle Unit (2GIU)

For Citibank Corporate cardholders commercialcards.sg@citi.com

For DBS Bank Corporate cardholders comcards@dbs.com

To apply for a Corporate Credit Card, you may also contact the respective banks via the email addresses stated above.

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