Important EZ-Reload Updates

With effect from 1 June 2019, we will be updating our EZ-Reload Terms and Conditions.

Dear customer, thank you for using EZ-Reload!

We have made some changes to our EZ-Reload Terms and Conditions that may affect your refund claim in the event of a lost ez-link card on EZ-Reload.

What does this mean for you?

This change will only affect you if there is unauthorized usage of your lost card in public transport exceeding $10 occurring within the first 48 hours, i.e. we will no longer bear any unauthorized usage exceeding $10 in public transport.

Unauthorized usage after the 48 hours will continue to be fully covered and borne by EZ-Link.

Worried about unauthorized usage on your lost card?

Sign up for our Card Blocking Service and have peace of mind. Get covered for up to $15 on unauthorized usage by FWD Insurance, find out more here.

This EZ-Reload update does not affect our commitment to safeguard your privacy which can be found in our Privacy Policy. The changed and updated Terms and Conditions of the service can be found in the EZ-Reload Terms and Conditions.

Security Alert: We’ve noticed an increased number of phishing emails and fake advertisements and bogus webpages involving EZ-Link. Please be aware of such activities and click here for more details.