About the EZ-Link Rewards with Perx

1. What is the EZ-Link Rewards with Perx?

The EZ-Link Rewards with Perx program rewards commuters using ez-link card(s) for making trips on public transport. This is the first rewards programme launched by EZ-Link, in collaboration with Perx, a mobile loyalty application, to reward its commuters with exclusive merchant deals for trips they make on buses and trains with the ez-link card.

2. How does EZ-Link Rewards with Perx work?

Commuters earn points for every trip they make on public transport. The points earned will depend on the type of ez-link card(s) used and will be reflected in the Perx loyalty points system. Commuters can redeem their rewards based on the number of points they have accumulated.

3. Which ez-link cards are eligible?

All ez-link cards issued by EZ-Link Pte Ltd are eligible to be linked with Perx to earn points and rewards. Please refer to the table below for the number of points that you can earn for using specific ez-link cards:

Table FAQ

4. I own a student/concession ez-link card. Am I eligible for this rewards program?

Concession cards are not eligible for the EZ-Link Rewards Scheme with Perx as these cards are issued by LTA.

5. How do I link my ez-link card(s) with Perx?

You can link your ez-link card(s) via Perx on your phone. Simply download the Perx app, go to ‘All Cards’, and find the EZ-Link merchant card. Tap on the ‘Link My Card’ button and enter your 16-digit CAN ID (located at the bottom of the back of your card). Alternatively, you can also link your ez-link card(s) via ‘Settings’ in Perx. Perx app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

6. How many ez-link cards can you link?

You can link a maximum of 5 ez-link cards for each Perx account.

7. How do I unlink my ez-link card(s) from Perx?

You can unlink your ez-link card(s) via Perx on your phone. Go to ‘Settings’ in Perx. Under the EZ-Link section, tap the settings button on the top right, and tap ‘Remove’ next to the card you want to unlink.

8. Is there an application fee?

There is no application fee. Linking your ez-link card(s) with Perx is free.

9. Will Perx make any charges/deductions from my ez-link card(s)?

Perx will not make any charges to/deductions from your ez-link card(s); hence you will not see any credit balance changes on your card(s). There are no fees associated with the Perx program.

10. Where can I make enquiries?

For any enquiries pertaining to EZ-Link related matters, such as issues with the Card number (CAN ID), please call EZ-Link’s customer service hotline at 6496 8300, 8am – 6pm daily, except Public Holidays or email us at customerservice@ezlink.com.sg.




11. What is Perx?

Perx is a mobile loyalty application that enables its members to keep track of all their loyalty points, chops, and rewards on their mobile devices.

12. Where can I download the Perx app?

You can download the Perx app on Google Play or Apple App Store. The Perx app is free.

13. Where can I make enquiries?

For any enquiries regarding point accrual, reward redemption or related to Perx, please contact help@getperx.com.

Security and privacy

14. Is my information safe?

Both EZ-Link and Perx take the security of all customers’ data seriously. We use industry-standard security tools to store your information. EZ-Link and Perx’s tools are both Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) compliant. When you opt in to receive updates and news from EZ-Link on the Perx mobile application, EZ-Link will have access to your email address and may choose to communicate with you directly. Please be assured that your information will not be shared with other parties for any other purpose.

15. What do you do with my email address?

We will only use your Perx-registered email address to get in touch with you when we need to update you with information, which may include the status of your points, rewards, and occasional updates from Perx. EZ-Link can also communicate with you (regarding updates and offers) via the email that you have used to register for your Perx account.

16. Why does Perx need my location?

The Perx mobile application uses your location to show participating establishments near you. This enables users to use Perx as a mobile discovery tool while on the go to discover the best of shopping and dining. Location services also form part of our general fraud prevention measures for Perx merchants.

Earning points and rewards

17. How do I earn points?

Upon successfully linking your ez-link card(s) with your Perx account, you can start earning points by traveling with your linked ez-link card(s). EZ-Link requires one day to process all transit transactions from the previous day. Points will credit automatically to your account within 36 hours* after each trip. Once your transit transactions have been processed, the points you have earned will be reflected on your Perx app within 24 to 36 hours of your transaction. Points will only be earned for all transit transactions made on SMRT/SBS buses or train in Singapore using your linked ez-link card(s).

* It may take up to 36 hours for the points to appear on your account.


Only using your linked ez-link card(s) during transit will earn you points. Points can be accrued only when you spend your ez-link balance during transit.


Points are not accrued when:

  • The ez-link card(s) are used for retail transactions.
  • You top up the ez-link card(s).

18. Which transit transactions are eligible for earning the points?

Only trips taken on Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) and SBS/SMRT Transit buses or trains within Singapore with your Perx-linked ez-link card(s) will earn you points. A trip is considered at the point of entry i.e. tapping in at the transit method.


19. Is there an expiry date for redeeming the rewards?

Depending on the merchant partners associated with the rewards scheme, the expiration dates of the rewards may vary.

20. Will EZ-Link be introducing more rewards?

Yes, EZ-Link will introduce more merchants from various industries to the EZ-Link Rewards Scheme with Perx to continuously reward commuters for their journey.

21. The redemption items in the rewards list look different. Do they change from time to time?

Yes, the rewards will be updated from time to time, depending on the merchant partners associated with the programme.

22. Is there a minimum spending cap for each transaction to earn points?

Transaction amount is not considered when earning points to your Perx account. A fixed number of points are earned each time you take a trip.


The number of points earned per trip is fixed and will depend on the type of ez-link card(s) you have linked with Perx. A trip is considered at the point of entry i.e. tapping in at the transit method. Please refer to Question 3 on the different points earned for the different type of cards.

23. Where can I see the list of participating merchants that are offering rewards?

The list of rewards which can be claimed and redeemed with the accrued points will be available in the Reward Catalogue screen. Each reward will require a set number of points to be earned before it can be claimed, i.e., once you accumulate the required number of points for a reward, it can then be claimed from the Reward Catalogue screen.


24. What do I do if I am missing points?

Please contact us at help@getperx.com  and provide details of your transaction for Perx to investigate. Please ensure that your card has been linked and that you have waited for 36 hours for the points to be reflected on your Perx app after your transit data transactions have been processed.

25. How quickly will I see my points?

You will see your points updated on the Perx app only 24-36 hours* after your transaction has taken place. This is because all the transactions for each day are processed by EZ-Link by the next morning. After data processing, Perx will update your account with the relevant points. If there is a delay in getting the point update in your system beyond 36 hours, please write to us at help@getperx.com for us to look into the matter and we will update your account with the points you have earned.


* It may take up to 36 hours for the points to appear on your account.

26. How do I redeem my rewards?

Once you have accumulate sufficient points for the respective reward, you can claim the reward of your choice by tapping on the “Claim” Button which will help you to secure the reward for a later redemption. Claiming the reward will allow you to view more details such as the expiry date and terms and conditions applicable. All claimed rewards will automatically be reflected into your “Current Rewards” screen and will be removed from it once you have utilised it upon redemption. To redeem, proceed to tap on “Redeem” button. Do note that you should only click on the “Redeem” button when you are ready for the redemption of reward at the specific point of time at the Merchant’s venue.

Perx on your mobile device

27. Which mobile devices are compatible with Perx?

Apple phones operating on iOS version 5.0 and above and mobile phones with Android operating systems of version 2.3 and above are compatible with Perx.

28. If I delete Perx app accidentally, will my points and rewards still remain?

Yes, they will remain. Please re-install the app and sign in with your registered user name and password or sign in via Facebook. Upon login, your points and rewards will be reflected in your app. If this doesn’t occur, please check that you have used the same sign in credentials that you used to register for Perx. Should you require assistance, please contact us at help@getperx.com.

29. If I removed the Perx app and reinstall it, will I need to link my ez-link card(s) again?

No, your card(s) will remain linked and you will not need to link your card(s) again, unless you have unlinked your card(s) prior to app deletion.


For information on linking and unlinking of ez-link cards, please see FAQs 5 and 7.

30. If I misplace my phone, what should I do?

You can retrieve your Perx account information by re-installing Perx and logging in on another device. You will be able to see your previously accumulated points and rewards on your new device. This is because your ez-link CAN ID(s) are associated with your Perx account until your card(s) are unlinked manually.

31. If my phone is stolen, what should I do?

You will not have to worry as your account information (chops/points, rewards, etc.) will be restored in the Perx mobile application when you download it and log in to Perx again.

32. If I lose my ez-link card(s), what should I do?

You should unlink your card(s) from the app immediately. You can do so by going to the EZ-Link Section under the ‘Settings’ Page in the Perx app. Proceed to tap on the ‘settings button’ on the top right of the screen and tap to remove the card you wish to unlink.



Security Alert: We’ve noticed an increased number of phishing emails and fake advertisements and bogus webpages involving EZ-Link. Please be aware of such activities and click here for more details.