Recently, there has been a spade of phishing emails, fake advertisements and bogus webpages targeting EZ-Link users. These emails and webpages will request users to click on a link to take part in contests or promotions requiring your personal information, including your credit card information to conduct fraudulent activities. Users should be aware that such contests/promotions are not run by EZ-Link and should always be vigilant in not divulging your personal information through these avenues. At EZ-Link, we are constantly looking out for and reporting to the relevant authorities of such activities. Despite so, we will also like to seek your cooperation to avoid falling into such scams.

How can you protect yourself from this?

  1. Be vigilant – Bogus offers that promises amazing deals are commonly used by phishing websites to promote immediate participation by users. If it sounds too good to be true, it is safe to presume that it is a scam.
  2. Recognising fake websites – Think before you click! Hover over links that you are unsure of before clicking on them. A phishing website/email usually claims to be from EZ-Link and upon clicking, it may redirect you to a page that looks exactly like EZ-Link’s. If you are unsure of the link, please go directly to https://www.ezlink.com.sg.
  3. Divulging of personal information – Do not disclose your personal information or credit card details for bogus offers. If you are unsure of the offer, please go directly to https://www.ezlink.com.sg. Real contests and promotions will only be run on our official social media channels on Facebook (EZ-Link) and Instagram (@ezlinksg).

Below are some known scams that are malicious in nature and you should always ignore and not click on any of the links.

Sample of the malicious SMS

Sample of the malicious email

Sample of phishing website

Sample of email advertisements

Security Alert: We’ve noticed an increased number of phishing emails and fake advertisements and bogus webpages involving EZ-Link. Please be aware of such activities and click here for more details.