1. What is SINO Visitor Pass? And what is the benefit of SINO Visitor Pass?

SINO Visitor Pass carries an ez-link purse and a Guangdong Lingnan pass purse in one card. With the SINO Visitor Pass, seamless travel on both Singapore and Guangdong’s public transport network is now made possible! This cross border travel card technology allows both countries’ multi-stored valued purses to co-exist securely onto a single contactless smart card.

SINO Visitor Pass holders can look forward to using the card at over 60,000 acceptance points in the Guangdong regions and at over 30,000 acceptance points in Singapore covering not just transit but also retail and food & beverage.

2. Where can I purchase the SINO Visitor Pass?

You can purchase a SINO Visitor Pass from My EZ-Link Online Shop at www.myezlink.com.sg.

3. How many purses are there in the SINO Visitor Pass?

SINO Visitor Pass carries two currency purses: an ez-link purse in SGD and a Lingnan Pass purse in RMB to be used within the respective jurisdictions.

4. Is there any stored value in the SINO Visitor Pass?

There is no stored value in both the ez-link SGD purse and Lingnan Pass RMB purse upon purchase.

5. Where can I use the SINO Visitor Pass in Singapore?

You can use the SINO Visitor Pass to pay for your public transport fares and carry out contactless transactions at most EZ-Link accepted merchants listed on www.ezlink.com.sg/use-your-ez-link-card/where-to-use.

*Note that the Sino Visitor Pass is not at 7-11, Cold Storage, Comfort Delgro Taxis, Cheers, Giant, Guardian and ERP/EPS payments for in-car IU.

6. Where can I use the SINO Visitor Pass in Guangdong?

You can use SINO Visitor Pass to pay for all public transport in 21 cities within the Guangdong Province including:

  1. Guangzhou
  2. Foshan
  3. Zhaoqing
  4. Jiangmen
  5. Huizhou
  6. Shaoguan
  7. Maoming
  8. Shanwei
  9. Jieyang
  10. Yunfu
  11. Zhanjiang
  12. Qingyuan
  13. Shantou
  14. Chaozhou
  15. Meizhou
  16. Yangjiang
  17. Heyuan
  18. Zhongshan
  19. Zhuhai
  20. Shenzhen*
  21. Dongguan*

* Only applicable to selected public transport in these cities.

7. Where can I top up the SINO Visitor Pass?

You can top-up the ez-link SGD purse in Singapore at TransitLink Ticket Offices, General Ticketing Machines or Passenger Service Centres located at most MRT Stations and bus interchanges. For the full list of top-up channels, please visit www.ezlink.com.sg/sinovisitorpass.

Top-up of the Lingnan Pass RMB purse can only be done via Lingnan Pass authorised add value service providers in the Guangdong Province.

8. Where can I check my balance in the SINO Visitor Pass

You can check ez-link SGD purse balance in Singapore at all the top up channel mentioned in Q7.

Alternatively, you may use the EZ-Link or My EZ-Link Mobile applications to track your purse transactions and balance. (www.ezlink.com.sg/ez-link-mobile-app)

9. How much value can I store in my SINO Visitor Pass?

You can store up to SGD 500.00 in your ez-link SGD purse and RMB 1,000.00 in your Lingnan Pass RMB purse.

10. Can I get a refund of the remaining money in my SINO Visitor Pass?

Immediate refund for ez-link SGD purse is available if you are in Singapore. Please make sure your ez-link purse has less than S$100 before proceeding to any TransitLink Ticket Office to perform the refund. The card would be returned to you with ez-link SGD purse permanently cancelled.

For corrupted card and any other enquiries, please call ez-link hotline 64968300.

11. What should I do if I lose my SINO Visitor Pass?

Refund of ez-link SGD purse is available if you are a Singapore resident and have activated EZ-Reload for your card or registered your card under card blocking service.

12. What if I can’t use my SINO visitor Pass in Guang Dong

If you encounter any issue using SINO Visitor Pass in Guang Dong, Please call Lingnan Pass Customer Service Hotline: +86(20)96900 or visit their website at www.lingnanpass.com.

For more details, kindly contact the EZ-Link hotline at 65-6496 8300, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, except public holidays.

Security Alert: We’ve noticed an increased number of phishing emails and fake advertisements and bogus webpages involving EZ-Link. Please be aware of such activities and click here for more details.