1. All ez-link Cards are issued subject to these Conditions which shall be binding on all Customers.
  2. The Customer agrees :- (i) to comply with all the notices, guidelines, rules and instructions pertaining to the use of the ez-link Card as issued by EZL from time to time, including operating rules and/or policies that may be published from time to time by EZL; (ii) to abide by all applicable laws and regulations in the use of the ez-link Card; (iii) not to tamper or allow anyone to tamper with the ez-link Card; (iv) to use the ez-link Card only as a means of payment for Qualified Goods and/or Services; (v) not to intentionally deface, damage and/or destroy the ez-link Card; (vi) to take proper care of any ez-link Card and not to alter, remove and/or replace any notices, trademarks, trade names, logos, artwork or designs on the ez-link
  3. The Customer acknowledges that EZL is the issuer of the ez-link Card and the corresponding Wallet linked to it, and shall hold and be fully liable for all monies deposited by the Customer, and be responsible to the Customer for refunds of any monies when the Customer makes a request for refund. EZL shall meet the Customer’s redemption by making payment to Qualified Merchants who have provided Qualified Goods and/or Services to the Customer. EZL shall be responsible to the Customer for all administrative matters relating to the ez-link Card as contemplated under these Conditions, and EZL may appoint Agents to carry out such functions on its behalf.
  4. The Customer also acknowledges Citibank has undertaken to be fully liable as the Bank to the Customer in respect of monies in the ez-link