1. The ez-link Card is issued by EZ-Link Pte Ltd (“EZL”).
  2. EZL is the party that issues the ez-link Card, and Citibank Singapore Limited (“Citibank”) is the Bank appointed by EZL to safeguard the monies deposited by Customers into the ez-link Both EZL and Citibank have undertaken to be fully liable to Customers for the monies in the ez-link Card.
  3. EZL operates the ez-link Card in respect of the Customer’s use of the ez-link Card in accordance with these Conditions. The ez-link Card is distributed by EZL and/or EZL’s agents (“Agents”). The money advanced by the Customer for the ez-link Card or for topping up of the ez-link Card, as the case may be, is collected by EZL and/or the Agents for and on behalf of EZL.
  4. For the purposes of these Conditions:-“Bank” shall mean the bank appointed by EZL to undertake to be fully liable for the monies on the ez-link Card, and for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions shall refer to Citibank Singapore Limited.“ez-link Card” refers to a Form Factor which is linked and can be used to access a Wallet, and which are sold or made available under EZL’s brand name “ez-link” that allows the Customer to make payment transactions at Qualified Merchants,“Form Factor” shall mean any ez-link Card in any form, whether physical or virtual, which is sold or made available under EZL’s brand name “ez-link”, whether sold by EZL or its authorized parties, whereby Customer can access the Wallet in order to make payment of Qualified Goods and Services, as allowed by EZL.  The Form Factor shall include but is not limited to e-wallet, cards, mobile SIM cards, novelty pieces, mobile communication devices and other electronic devices.“monies” shall mean the monies paid for and/or stored in a Wallet (or the residual value remaining therein from time to time) linked to an ez-link card, which value shall not at any time exceed S$500 or such other amount as EZL may stipulate from time to time. This excludes the cost of any Form Factor.“Qualified Goods and/or Services” shall mean the goods sold and/or the services rendered by Qualified Merchants.“Qualified Merchants” shall mean persons approved by EZL to be engaged in the sale of the Qualified Goods and/or the provision of Qualified Services.  Qualified Merchant shall be authorized by EZL to accept the ez-link Card as a means of payment for such Qualified Goods and/or Services and may include but not be limited to public transport operators licensed by the relevant authorities in Singapore (“Transport Operators”).“Wallet” refers to a stored value account issued by EZL which can be accessed using an ez-link Card.