1. Customers are responsible for safeguarding their against loss, damage or theft, and ensuring that their ez-link Card are not used by any person without the Customer’s permissionEach of Citibank, EZL, the Agents and the Qualified Merchants accepting the Form Factor for payment for Qualified Goods and/or Services are not responsible for any financial losses incurred due to the loss or unauthorized use of aN ez-link Card and have no obligation whatsoever to prevent the use of a lost ez-link Card by a person other than the Customer.
  2. Where EZL and/or the Agents are in possession of any lost ez-link Card, the Customer may reclaim the ez-link Card provided that the Customer is able to produce proof of ownership to the satisfaction of EZL and/or the Agents.  Customer shall not have any claim to any lost ez-link Card or the monies therein if the lost ez-link Card remains unclaimed after two weeks in EZL and/or the Agents’ possession. EZL shall be fully entitled to deal with the remaining monies on such lost Form Factor as it thinks fit.