1. Subject to paragraphs 3 and 6, a refund of the monies remaining (whether valid or expired) can only be obtained by a Customer if the ez-link Card is presented at any Ticket Office at MRT stations and bus interchanges or at such other places or via such other channels as may be designated or authorized by EZL. Refunds may also be effected through such online means as may be determined by EZL. Customers may refer to the EZL website at for the refund channels available. The amount of monies remaining (whether valid or expired) shall be as determined by EZL and/or the Agents and will be refunded free of interest. The ez-link Card shall be returned to the Customer after refund. Notwithstanding the foregoing, EZL or its Agent may require the ez-link Card to be retained for investigations to determine the value of the remaining monies.  Where a refund request requires EZL to conduct investigations, the remaining monies will be refunded upon completion of the investigations.  The remaining monies will be determined based on EZL’s system records. However, no refund of the monies will be made on any expired ez-link Card after 7 years from the Expiry Date whereupon the Customer shall have no claim against Citibank and/or EZL in respect of the monies remaining, whereupon EZL shall be fully entitled to deal with any unclaimed monies as it thinks fit.
  2. Other than as provided in paragraph 6.1 above, neither EZL nor any of the Agents shall be obligated to make a refund to any Customer or to process any Customer’s request for refund on any ez-link Card (whether valid or expired). Notwithstanding the foregoing provision, each of EZL and the Agents may at their absolute discretion make a refund or process a refund in respect of the monies or any part thereof, and any such refund may be made and/or processed subject to conditions imposed by EZL and/or the Agents on EZL’s behalf. EZL and/or the Agents shall not be obliged to effect an immediate refund, and may, in its absolute discretion, refund the monies on any ez-link Card in such manner and upon due verification as it deems fit.
  3. In any case, each of EZL and the Agents will not be liable to make a refund of the monies if :-
    1. the ez-link Card is not surrendered by the Customer at the time of a request for refund or the Customer is otherwise not able to establish proof of ownership; or
    2. the data on the ez-link Card is erased wholly or in part, or otherwise altered or interfered with as determined by EZL and/or the Agents; or
    3. the ez-link Card’s electronic data and its external card number are not available or reliably readable for any reason whatsoever as determined by EZL and/or the Agents; or
    4. the ez-link Cardis faulty, damaged or invalid such that EZL and/or the Agents is unable to read or access the data; or
    5. the ez-link Card is counterfeited, stolen, lost, tampered with or fraudulently issued or procured; or
    6. the monies is suspected by EZL to have been fraudulently or illegally revalued.
  4. A Customer shall be entitled to a refund of the monies at any time up to 7 years from the Expiry Date, PROVIDED that where the request for refund was made more than 2 years after the Validity Period, EZ-Link shall be entitled to levy a monthly service charge (“Refund Service Charge”) of S$1.00, for each card that is surrendered for refund more than 2 years after the Expiry Period. The Refund Service Charge shall be deducted monthly from the remaining monies commencing 2 years from the Expiry Period until request for refund is made or when the remaining monies is fully depleted, whichever is the earlier.  For the avoidance of doubt, the Customer shall not be entitled to a refund after 7 years from the Expiry Date.
  5. A Customer who makes a request for refund at the designated places referred to in paragraph 6.1 above shall, upon request, produce such identity document for inspection to verify the identity of the Customer. Each of EZL and the Agents may at their absolute discretion refuse any request for the refund of the monies, if the Customer does not produce his/her identification.
  6. The Customer shall, upon receipt of the refund, be deemed to have accepted the amount thereof as correct, and agrees to discharge each of Citibank, EZL and the Agents from any liability whatsoever to the Customer, including but not limited to any shortfall or error in the amount of such refund.
  7. Where the Customer has made a request for refund, and EZL and/or the Agents is required to effect a deferred refund of the remaining monies, EZL and/or the Agent may stipulate a refund collection period of not less than 90 calendar days for the Customer to or collect his refund.  In the event that the Customer fails or neglects to collect his refund or is otherwise unable to produce proof of the request for refund within the stipulated refund collection period, the Customer shall be deemed to have abandoned his claim to the refund and shall have not further right to claim against EZL for the refund.  EZL shall thereafter have the right to deal with the refund as it deems fit.
  8. All obligations of Citibank hereunder are payable solely at and by Citibank in Singapore, subject to the laws of Singapore (including any governmental actions, orders, decrees, and regulations).