1. Subject to paragraphs 9.2, 9.3 and 9.4 below, a Customer may replace a defective ez-link Card by presenting it at any Ticket Office at MRT stations and bus interchanges. The monies in the Wallet on the defective ez-link Card shall be refunded to the Customer in accordance with paragraph 6. EZL may specify a minimum amount to be deposited for the Customer to be entitled to receive the replacement Form Factor. The defective ez-link Card shall be surrendered to and retained by EZL and/or the Agent upon such request for replacement.
  2. Other than as provided in paragraph 9.1 above, neither EZL nor any of the Agents shall be obligated to replace any ez-link Card (whether defective or not). Notwithstanding the foregoing provision, each of EZL and the Agents may at their absolute discretion replace the ez-link Card, and any such replacement may be made subject to conditions imposed by EZL and/or the Agents on EZL’s behalf.
  3. In any case, each of EZL and the Agents will not be liable to replace the ez-link Card for free as provided in paragraph 9.1 if:-
    1. the ez-link Card is not surrendered by the Customer at the time of request for replacement; or
    2. EZL and/or the Agents in its discretion determine that the ez-link Card has been damaged whether intentionally or by failure to take proper care of the ez-link Card or otherwise used or handled in breach of paragraph 2.2 herein; or
    3. the ez-link Card has been de-laminated, peeled, tampered, broken or otherwise damaged due to wear and tear; or
    4. EZL and/or the Agents are unable to reliably read or ascertain the identification account number associated with the ez-link Card for any reason whatsoever; or
    5. the Validity Period of the ez-link Card has expired.
  4. The determination by EZL and/or the Agents as to the amount of monies on a defective ez-link Card shall be final and conclusive (see paragraph 7 above). EZL reserves the right to subsequent adjustments to such determination should any transaction records received late indicate a different value than that determined at the time of replacement.