1. The ez-link Card shall and can be used as a means of payment for Qualified Goods and/or Services, subject always to these Conditions.
  2. EZL and/or the Qualified Merchants may reject the use of the ez-link Card for payment of Qualified Goods and/or Services if:-
    1. there is insufficient funds; or
    2. the Validity Period of the ez-link Card has expired; or
    3. the ez-link Card is or are otherwise suspected of being faulty, damaged or invalid for use.
    4. the ez-link Card is suspected to have been fraudulently issued, stolen or tampered with or may in any way pose a risk to the ez-link Card system; or
    5. the ez-link Card system is unable to process the payment for any reason whatsoever or if a force majeure event (see paragraph 16) arises which disables and/or prevents the Qualified Merchants from accepting and/or processing the ez-link Card as a means of payment.
  3. The Customer agrees that each of the Qualified Merchants is responsible for deducting payment for Qualified Goods and/or Services that the Customer has agreed with the Qualified Merchant or is agreeable (with the Qualified Merchant) to pay from the ez-link Card, in such manner as may be required by such Qualified Merchant.
  4. The Qualified Merchants accepting the use of ez-link Card may be changed from time to time without prior notice.
  5. Where an ez-link Card which was previously blacklisted (pursuant to paragraph 3.2), is subsequently removed by EZL from the blacklist after the reason for the blacklist has been resolved to EZL’s satisfaction, such ez-link Card may still be temporarily unavailable for use pending the ez-link Card system update, and the Customer agrees and understands that EZL shall not be liable for the non-availability of the ez-link Card during such period.