Managed and powered by EZ-Link, the TRUST Programme is designed to instil greater consumer confidence in merchants offering prepaid packages. TRUST’s unique proposition is its ability to safeguard consumers’ purchases of prepaid packages, ensuring refunds of any un-utilised amount in prepaid packages should the participating merchant ceases operations.

Since the launch in 2015, TRUST has provided assurance and security to customers across more than 48 spa and wellness operators. In aim to widen the adoption of TRUST, a new digital platform comprising of a consumer-facing mobile application has been introduced alongside the merchant mobile application and administrative portal, which work hand-in-hand for a seamless, holistic approach.

The digital makeover of TRUST enables merchants to enhance their customers’ journey, free up counter space of multiple terminals, save the hassle of printing product catalogues and shortens time to receive funds after package redemptions. The goal is for consumers to buy prepaid packages and enjoy the protection for such purchases to be a way of life, not just in spa and wellness but in other industries going forward.

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