1. What is The TRUST Programme?

Managed and powered by EZ-Link, TRUST is a programme designed to instill greater consumer confidence in merchants offering prepaid packages.

2. What is the TRUST Card?

The TRUST Card is presented to a customer by a participating TRUST Programme merchant upon signing up for a prepaid package through participating credit cards. With the TRUST Card, customers can be assured of obtaining a refund of un-utilised amount of their prepaid packages should merchant ceases operations.

3. What are my privileges as a TRUST Card cardholder?

TRUST’s unique proposition is its ability to safeguard consumers’ purchases into prepaid packages, ensuring the refund of un-utilised amount of the prepaid packages they sign up for, should the merchant ceases operations.

You can also view your transaction history, update your profile and suspend or reactivate your TRUST Card account here.

4. Can I have multiple prepaid packages in one TRUST Card?

Yes. Each TRUST merchant can issue you one TRUST Card per customer. Multiple packages can be loaded into one card.

5. How can I view my transactions on my package of my TRUST Card?

You can log in to your TRUST Card account here to:

  1. View account balance
  2. View transaction history and expiry date of the prepaid package
  3. Temporary suspend/reactivate TRUST Card
  4. Update your profile

If there are any queries on your account or should you have problem using your TRUST Card, you can call the EZ-Link Hotline at (+65) 6496 8300 from 8am to 6pm daily (except public holidays).

6. How do I report my lost TRUST Card?

If your TRUST Card happens to be lost, stolen or damaged, please do the following:

Step 1: Suspend your TRUST Card. Login here to suspend your TRUST Card. You can also call the EZ-Link Hotline (65-6496 8300, from 8AM to 6PM daily – except public holidays) to report the loss and request for your TRUST Card to be blocked.

Step 2: Receive a new TRUST Card. Visit or call the merchant that issued your TRUST Card to get a new card. The remaining balance of your old card will be transferred to the new card.

7. I forgot my password. What should I do?

You may click on the “Forgot Your Password?” on the member login page to retrieve your password.  Your password will be sent to your registered email address.

Alternatively, you can call the EZ-Link Hotline at (+65) 6496 8300 from 8am to 6pm daily (except public holidays) to retrieve your password.

8. Can I extend my package?

Prepaid package extension will be solely based on the individual agreement with the merchant.

9. What happens if the merchant that issued my TRUST Card ceases operation?

If the merchant that issued your TRUST Card ceases operation, an email will be sent to you to contact EZ-Link. EZ-Link will help you process your request to refund un-utilised package value in your TRUST Card.

10. Which types of cards are accepted at TRUST Programme participating merchants?

You can pay in full by using the participating credit cards or Instalment Payment by UOB Visa or MasterCard Credit Card.