Here are some of the new functions of the Upgraded EZ-Link Card paired with our EZ-Link app that you can look forward to next year:

Skip the queues and top up on the go!

Your upgraded EZ-Link Card on SimplyGo allows you to top it up via the EZ-Link app on your Android or iOS devices. No more long queues and wallet-fumbling.

Top up on behalf of others

Top up for your family members anytime, anywhere. You can do so by adding their cards to your registered EZ-Link account.

Track your travel spending

Keep track of your travel expenditure and history easily through your registered EZ-Link account. Review both individual trip fares as well as total expenditure.

Earn Reward points

Earn reward points for every transaction made with your Upgraded EZ-Link Card.

Lost your card?

Block your card immediately via the app to prevent unauthorised usage.

Receive Instant Updates

Get notified via push notifications for every transaction made and if there is a low balance


1.  When will the upgrading service be available?
This service will be available next year.

2. Why should we upgrade our card?
This is in preparation to transit all commuters to SimplyGo in the coming years.

3.  How will I be able to upgrade my card?
Further announcements will be made on how to upgrade your current EZ-Link card.

4.  Are concession cards eligible for the upgrade?
A separate pilot trial with concession cards will commence next year.

5.  What will happen to my existing EZ-Link card if I don’t make the upgrade?
You will still be able to use your existing EZ-Link card as per normal.

Security Alert: We’ve noticed an increased number of phishing emails and fake advertisements and bogus webpages involving EZ-Link. Please be aware of such activities and click here for more details.