EZ-Link is making the move to SimplyGo

Update your EZ-Link today to experience the benefits first-hand!


Why SimplyGo?

Launched by Land Transport Authority (LTA), SimplyGo, an account-based ticketing platform, enables commuters to top up on-the-go and view fares anytime, anywhere and more!

With EZ-Link making the move to SimplyGo, you will still be able to use all your favourite EZ-Link cards and charms while enjoying all the new perks. When you link your account-based EZ-Link card to the EZ-Link app, you can also enjoy remote top-ups for your family/friends, earn reward points and more!

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Perks for you!

Things to note:

Scenario Account-based
EZ-Link card
Top up via the EZ-Link app without the presence of the physical card
Receive push notifications for every trip via the EZ-Link app
Available for retail usage

* More merchants will be available progressively.
Block lost cards remotely within 30 mins

* Via the EZ-Link app.
Available for ERP and Carpark Usage
View card balance and trip fares on-the-go
Immediate approval for Auto Top-up application

* Via the EZ-Link app.

How do I update my EZ-Link?

Where can I get an account-based EZ-Link card?

You can purchase them at the following TransitLink Ticket Offices
Update your existing EZ-Link card or charm at any General Ticketing Machine, Add Value Machine or visit any TransitLink Ticket Office.

How do I know if my EZ-Link is updated?

How do I add my account-based EZ-Link on the app?

How do I top up on the go?

Where can I use my account-based EZ-Link?

The account-based EZ-Link is accepted across public transport in Singapore. You can also use your account-based EZ-Link for retail purchases at the selected retail merchants here.

Auto Top-up for your account-based EZ-Link

With no convenience fees, Auto Top-up can be registered for your account-based EZ-Link via the app with your credit card! Skip the queues and save time.

Having the Auto Top-up service would also mean you do not have to worry about insufficient funds in your account-based EZ-Link for your daily commute.
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Current users on Auto Top-up:
Current Auto Top-up users will continue to have Auto Top-up enabled after updating your EZ-Link.

New users:
Apply for Auto Top-up via the EZ-Link app.


View the FAQs on account-based EZ-Link cards