The ez-link card is a contactless card, so just tap on the reader to make your payment.

  • Public Buses and Trains
    To travel on bus, you need to have the minimum stored value to cover the cost of travel from the point you get on, to the last stop on that service.

    It is recommended that you have at least $3 in your card for the basic bus services.


    With a new ez-link card, you will need at least $3 in your card before you can start your journey. This ensures that you have the required fare when you exit the gate, even for the longest train journey.

  • Retail and Dual-Mode In-Vehicle Unit
    Be sure to check the amount you are asked to pay before tapping on the reader. You may also check the amount paid against the receipt printed after your payment is made.

  • Cards on EZ-Reload
    Once the EZ-Reload facility has been activated, auto top-up occurs when the remaining value of the ez-link card is insufficient to pay for your next payment transaction when presented at any transit reader, at retail outlets* and when used in the Dual-Mode In-vehicle Unit (IU). The loaded amount will be according to the pre-set amount you have chosen.

    *excludes the retail outlets at Dairy Farm Group


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