EZ-Link is now on SimplyGo (Account-based Ticketing), and along with this move comes the new and upgraded auto top-up (ATU) function.

To enjoy the benefits of the new and improved ATU function, simply update your EZ-Link at any General Ticketing Machine (GTM), Add Value Machine (AVM) or TransitLink Ticket Office.

Find out more about account-based EZ-Link here.

Upgraded Auto Top-up
New & Improved!
Auto Top-up
for EZ-Link
Multiple top-ups a day

• Unlimited for public
transport usage
• Up to 3 times a day for
retail purchases

* Limited to 1 top-up a day
Multiple top-ups in
a single transaction for retail

* Function has to be enabled
manually via the EZ-Link app
of bank card details
via EZ-Link app
Instant activation
via EZ-Link app

* Activation via GTM,
TransitLink Ticket Office or
EZ-Link app (Android only)
Immediate termination
via EZ-Link app

* Please allow 24-hrs before
new application for ATU

* Requires 7 days after
bringing card to at
TransitLink Ticket Office
Changing of ATU Amount
via EZ- Link app
Motoring Usage
(ERP & Carparks)
No admin fee for
failed deduction

* $2 for users on GIRO
No application fee

* $1 for users on GIRO

Things to note:


If you are using your EZ-Link card for ERP & parking needs, please DO NOT update your card. No action is required and you can continue using your existing EZ-Link for motoring payments.

How do I apply for the upgraded auto top-up service
for account-based EZ-Link?

Update your EZ-Link at any General Ticketing Machine (GTM),
or Add Value Machine and TransitLink Ticket Office.

If you already have auto top-up on your current EZ-Link, simply update your card at any General Ticketing Machine (GTM), Add Value Machine (AVM) or TransitLink Ticket Office and start using your card to enjoy the benefits of the upgraded Auto Top-up function!