Introducing Our Little Green Dot

At EZ-Link, we understand how the little wins have a way of adding up. Being an integral part of the Singapore fabric, we’ve seen how much our nation can progress when we all step up together.

What if we could harness this same spirit in the way we help our planet?

Introducing Our Little Green Dot, a sustainability initiative by EZ-Link that seeks to make Singapore a greener city with every tap.

From working with like-minded partners to enabling the reduction of our carbon footprint, we are finding new avenues for EZ-Link to reward both you and the environment.

We believe that creating a more sustainable Singapore is a journey, one that we are on together. That’s why through our initiatives, we are committed to making the greener choice the easier choice for all.

Because when we work together, the little changes that we make can change the world.


Every tap makes a difference

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