EZ-Link Motoring card

The EZ-Link Motoring card is the one card you need for your motoring payments. It is compatible with current dual-mode in-vehicle unit (IU) and future on-board unit (OBU), for your ERP and carpark payments. Paired with the EZ-Link app, you can top up your card on-the-go and earn reward points with every transaction! 

Continue using your EZ-Link Motoring card

The EZ-Link Motoring card cannot be upgraded, continue using it for your ERP and carpark payments.

Not sure if you should upgrade your EZ-Link card? Check this guide to find out what your next steps are >

Compatible devices

The EZ-Link Motoring card is compatible with the Dual-mode IU and the next generation ERP system (On-Board Unit)

Begin your seamless and rewarding drive with the EZ-Link app

Pair the EZ-Link Motoring card to the EZ-Link app and enjoy convenient top-ups on-the-go with no convenience fees! Below, you’ll find the additional benefits that the EZ-Link app offers!

Enjoy convenient top-ups

Top up your EZ-Link on the go via the EZ-Link app or sign up for Auto top-up and you never need to worry about manual top-ups or insufficient funds!

What’s more, there’s no convenience fee!

Track your transactions

View details of your motoring payments and transaction history.

Card protection for missing or stolen cards

Sign up for FREE card blocking service to block your card and transfer any remaining stored value to a new EZ-Link card.

Get rewarded with every transaction

Earn 1 point with every 10 cents spent and redeem for attractive rewards.

An array of motoring rewards await you

EZ-Link users can earn and collect EZ-Link Rewards points from transactions made with the EZ-Link Motoring Card. The Rewards catalogue in the EZ-Link app has over 100 rewards  from a growing list of Food & Beverage, Lifestyle, Health & Wellness, and Service merchants.

We have also collated a set of special Motoring Rewards with our partners, check them out on our Rewards catalogue!

Where to use

Do note that the EZ-Link Motoring card cannot be upgraded to SimplyGo EZ-Link. 

Where to get

Order the EZ-Link Motoring card from Shopee now

Get the EZ-Link Motoring card on our Official EZ-Link Store on Shopee for a fuss-free shopping experience.

EZ-Link Motoring card acceptance

The EZ-Link Motoring card is accepted at all CEPAS-compliant carparks identifiable with the blue CEPAS logo.


EZ-Link Motoring Card FAQs

It is a contactless, multi-purpose stored value CEPAS card that can be used for ERP and carpark payments in Singapore. The EZ-Link Motoring card can only be used in 2nd Generation In-Vehicle Units (2GIU) and is future compatible with the next-gen On-Board Unit (OBU).

The EZ-Link Motoring card will have a different card profile from your existing EZ-Link card, and will not be eligible for an account-based EZ-Link card update. You will still be able to use the EZ-Link Motoring card for public transportation and retail payments.

Yes, you can continue using your existing EZ-Link cards which are CEPAS-compliant for motoring payments. Please note that you should not update your card to an account-based EZ-Link as that will render your card incompatible for ERP and carpark payments.

The EZ-Link Motoring cards are available at $10 ($5 top-up value included) at Vicom Inspection centres, STA Inspection centres, 7-Eleven stores, Cheers, Fairprice Xpress stores at Esso stations and $5 (no top-up value) at  EZ-Link Official Shopee store.

The EZ-Link Motoring card can hold a maximum of $500 in stored value.

  • For full Electronic Parking System (EPS) carparks, please keep your EZ-Link Motoring card in the In-Vehicle Unit (IU) when entering and exiting the car park.
  • For carparks that do not auto-detect your EZ-Link Motoring card when entering or exiting, please remove your card from the IU and tap and hold the card on the carpark reader.

We highly recommend that you download and register your EZ-Link Motoring card on the EZ-Link app where you will have access to our suite of services. These include tracking of transactions, application for auto top-up, card blocking should you lose your card and earning of EZ-Link Rewards points for every transaction that you make. The EZ-Link app is available for both iOS and Android here!

Yes, the EZ-Link Motoring card can be used for vehicle tolls at the customs checkpoint.

You can top up the EZ-Link Motoring card at any EZ-Link top-up channels here.

For convenience for Motorists, we strongly recommend to top up via the EZ-Link app! Download the app here

The EZ-Link Motoring card has a lifespan of 5 years. You can check the expiry of your card by registering it on the EZ-Link app.

If you have previously registered your card on the EZ-Link app, you can perform a card block and proceed to have your remaining funds transferred back to you. For EZ-Link Motoring cards that are not registered on the EZ-Link app but are activated on auto top-up, please call us at 6496 8300 from Mondays to Sundays, 8 am to 6 pm, excluding public holidays for further assistance.

You can get an immediate refund at any SimplyGo Ticket Office located at MRT stations and bus interchanges. However, if your card balance is more than $80 or your card is on auto top-up, a deferred refund will be processed at the ticket office.

If your EZ-Link Motoring card is damaged/faulty, you can request for a refund at any SimplyGo Ticket Office located at MRT stations and bus interchanges. From 15 March 2022, generic replacement EZ-Link cards will not be available at the ticket office. Should you like to purchase another EZ-Link Motoring card, they are available at our retail channels at 7-Eleven and Shopee.

We are unable to offer a replacement card. Should you misplace your card, please perform a card block via the EZ-Link app if you have registered your card on the app prior. Your remaining balance will be returned to you.

For cards registered for card blocking via EZ-Link app, insurance coverage may apply. Click here to find out more.

Do provide us the transaction details (i.e. transaction date, amount & location) here for investigation. You may also contact our EZ-Link Customer Service Hotline at 6496 8300, operating hours from 8am to 6pm daily (excluding public holidays). You will be notified on the outcome and follow-up action will be taken within 5 working days.

If your EZ-Link Motoring card is expired, you can request for a refund at any SimplyGo Ticket Office located at MRT stations. Should you wish to use your replacement card for motoring usage, please do not update your card to SimplyGo EZ-Link.