For seamless ERP and carpark payments

The only card you need

EZ-Link - The one card you need for your ERP and carpark payments

EZ-Link cards* are compatible with current dual-mode in-vehicle unit (IU), for your ERP and carpark payments. It is also future proofed for the future on-board unit (OBU) which will be introduced for the next generation ERP system.

*Note: Upgraded EZ-Link cards/SimplyGo EZ-Link cards are not compatible for Motoring-related payments.
You can purchase a EZ-Link Motoring card (now at $7, U.P. $10) for your Motoring needs!

Using your EZ-Link card for motoring payments?

Please do not upgrade your EZ-Link card if you use it solely for motoring payments. Do note that SimplyGo EZ-Link cards cannot be used for ERP and carpark payments.

Not sure if you should upgrade your EZ-Link card? Check this guide to find out what your next steps are >

Why EZ-Link should be your choice for motoring payments

Check out these great benefits when paired on the EZ-Link app!

Enjoy convenient top-ups

Top up your EZ-Link on the go via the EZ-Link app or sign up for Auto top-up and you never need to worry about manual top-ups or insufficient funds!

Track your transactions

View details of your motoring payments and transaction history.

Card protection for missing or stolen cards

Sign up for FREE card blocking service to block your card and transfer any remaining stored value to a new EZ-Link card.

Get rewarded with every transaction

Earn 1 point with every 10 cents spent and redeem for attractive rewards.

Compatible Devices for motoring

The EZ-Link card is compatible with the Dual mode IU and the next generation ERP system (On-Board Unit)

Dual mode IU

On-Board Unit

EZ-Link card acceptance

The EZ-Link card is compatible with the Dual mode IU and the next generation ERP system (On-Board Unit)


Where to use

Commonly asked questions

You may use EZ-Link card to pay for your ERP, checkpoint toll and car park charges. Please note that our cards can only be used in the 2nd Generation In-Vehicle Units (2GIU) and the future On-Board Unit (OBU).

For ERP: 

Simply insert your EZ-Link card into your vehicle’s 2GIU to pay for your ERP charges.

For Car Park: 

Where auto deduction is available, insert your EZ-Link card into your vehicle’s 2GIU to enter and exit the carpark.

Where auto deduction is not available, tap and hold your EZ-Link card on the car park reader.

Please purchase an EZ-Link Motoring card for motoring payments, and upgrade your existing card to continue using it for public transport payments.

If your EZ-Link card is expiring in 2024, you can exchange it for a subsidised SimplyGo EZ-Link card at $3 at any SimplyGo Ticket Office. For more information and details on the terms and conditions, please refer to this page:

You can top up your EZ-Link cards via the EZ-Link app, at all General Ticketing Machines at bus interchanges and train stations, SimplyGo Add Value Machines at selected venues, SimplyGo Ticket Offices, 7-Eleven Convenience Stores, DBS/POSB ATMs, OCBC ATMs, AXS Stations, top-up machines at PA Community Clubs and Water Venture Outlets and at selected car parks that accept EZ-Link card payments.

You can store up to S$500.00 in your EZ-Link card.

Each EZ-Link card has a lifespan of 5 years from the date of encoding.

EZ-Link is now widely accepted across merchants and retailers in Singapore, check out the list of partner merchants that accepts EZ-Link here.

Other motoring services!

EZ-Link Motoring Service

Besides using your physical card, you can also sign up with EZ-Link Motoring Service for more convenience. It is an account based service that allows you to pay fees automatically and tracks your transactions – setting your mind at ease and helping you stay focused on the road!