Your best payment buddy Your comprehensive guide to your EZ-Link card!

EZ-Link card

The EZ-Link card is the very first local contactless stored value card introduced in April 2002 for public transit use on the MRT, LRT and buses. Over the years, the card has also evolved to include fun and quirky designs that can be found in the form of our EZ-Link charms. With the EZ-Link card, there’s no more fuss and hassle of paying with coins or verifying the correct fare to pay. It is just tap and go!

Beyond public transit, EZ-Link is also moving into QR and CEPAS payments for retail merchants and has its own mobile app. The app allows you to add EZ-Link cards for tracking of transactions, check card balances as well as to perform card top-ups – giving you more reasons to use this nifty little card.

Hello, cashless future

Your cashless journey begins with your EZ-Link card – grab one to get started!


Where to Get

Find out which card is suitable for your needs and where to get one.


Where to Use

Meet our merchants for public transit as well as retail!


Top-Up and Refund

List of locations for all your top-up and refund matters.


Check Card Expiry

Download the EZ-Link app and tag your cards onto your personal account.


Card Blocking

A safety feature for you in case you misplace your physical card.

Any questions?

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