Power up your EZ-Link card with SimplyGo

Don’t miss out on all the benefits SimplyGo EZ-Link offers for a convenient and fuss-free commute.

What’s SimplyGo all about?

SimplyGo is a ticketing platform launched by the Land Transport Authority.
It is an account-based ticketing platform, enables commuters to top up on-the-go
and view fares anytime, anywhere and more!

With EZ-Link making the move to SimplyGo, you will be able to use
your existing EZ-Link cards and charms while enjoying the benefits.
Pair your SimplyGo EZ-Link card (Account-based card) to the EZ-Link app to enjoy
remote top-ups without having to queue at ticketing machines, track your travel spend,
earn reward points and more!

Benefits of
SimplyGo EZ-Link
with the EZ-Link app

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Commonly Asked Questions

You can purchase them at the following SimplyGo Ticket Offices
Upgrade your existing EZ-Link card or charm at any General Ticketing Machine, Add Value Machine or visit any SimplyGo Ticket Office.


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SimplyGo EZ-Link cards

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