Card Blocking

Our complimentary card blocking service offers you additional security and protection. If you lose your EZ-Link card, you can immediately block it to transfer any remaining stored value to a new EZ-Link card. What’s more, get coverage if there is any unauthorised usage on your lost card! See instructions on “How to block” below if you have lost your card.

You can opt-in and register for card blocking via the EZ-Link app. Sign in when you have already reported your lost card and need to nominate a new card.


How It Works

How To Block



Lifetime coverage

Your coverage never expires, so you stay protected always! Cardholders are entitled to one insurance claim per year.


Monitor transaction history

Track up to the past 90 transactions made within a 3-month period for better control.


Guard against unauthorised card usage

You are protected up to a maximum limit of $15 per claim.


Get 50% more coverage

A partnership with FWD insurance that offers benefits for your EZ-Link cards under the card-blocking programme. 50% more coverage on unauthorised usage!

How do you block your card?

Lost your card? Don’t worry, we’re here to help.


Make a report

Contact our Customer Service team at 6496 8300.
Provide required verification details to us.


File a police report

File a police report within the next 24 hours and submit the report to within 7 days.


Visit the sign-in page and nominate a replacement card

Select an existing card registered on ‘Card Blocking’ to enable the refund OR register a new card on ‘Card Blocking’.


Email notification

You will receive an email notification from us within 4-5 weeks once nomination has been completed.


Complete the fund transfer

Sync the remaining money at AXS machines within 90 days to complete the transfer of recovered funds from your lost card* to your new one.

*Remaining money on card will only be calculated based on the date and time of your loss report made to EZ-Link. All refunds are done via a card-to-card fund transfer. The above are key required steps to enable successful card-blocking and refund, failing which your claim will expire and will have no further right to claim the refund of the remaining stored value.

Any questions?

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