We're here to help manage your fleet of vehicles We've got you covered - EZ-Link Motoring Corporate Service aids productivity and boosts efficiency.

EZ-Link Motoring
Corporate Service

The EZ-Link Motoring Corporate service guarantees sufficient funds for ERP and car park^ charges with a virtual post-paid payment service. It is catered to help businesses effectively manage their fleet of vehicles.

With no registration or subscription fees, this motoring service ensures a worry-free drive!

(For personal use, check out our EZ-Link Motoring service)



Streamlines the reimbursement process and administrative paperwork. Employees need not submit claims for top-ups done on corporate vehicles’ cards.


No top-up payment required for physical cards.


Scheduled reports on company’s expenses for fleet of vehicles for ease of management.

How does it work?

With this corporate motoring service, businesses can charge ERP and car park^ payments directly to a corporate credit card.


Application for your business

Apply for the EZ-Link Motoring Corporate service with a Citibank or DBS corporate credit card.*


Register your fleet

Register your company’s fleet of vehicles and link it to the EZ-Link Motoring Corporate account.


No top-up needed

ERP charges incurred by corporate vehicles will be charged directly to the EZ-Link Motoring Corporate account. This eliminates the need for drivers to top up the stored-value card required for the In-Vehicle Unit (IU).

*Applicable to Citibank and DBS corporate credit cards only. Multiple vehicles can be linked to each Corporate Credit Card subjected to the credit limit of the card – to be determined during credit assessment.


^We are progressively expanding on the EZ-Link Motoring carpark acceptance points in Singapore. The list of carparks currently accepting EZ Link Motoring Corporate services can be found here.

Application Process

To apply for the EZ-Link Motoring Corporate service, please send an email to your bank with the subject title “EZ-Link Motoring Corporate Service”. The whole application process will take approximately 21 days.

For Citibank Corporate cardholders


For DBS Bank Corporate cardholders


To apply for a Corporate Credit Card, you may also contact the respective banks via the email addresses stated above.

From 1 Sep 2021 – 31 Jan 2022, simply charge your recurring bill spends to 70+ B2B merchants including your EZ-Link Motoring Corporate service and Auto Top-up Corporate spends to your DBS Commercial Card and receive up to S$300 cash rebate. Sign up to participate in the promotion before 31 Dec 2021 here.

Auto Top-Up Corporate

Auto Top-Up Corporate is a B2B solution provided by EZ-Link, in partnership with Citibank and DBS, to enable automatic top-ups of EZ-Link cards for use across the fleet of business vehicles.

With this service, companies can link up to 1,000 EZ-Link cards to a Citibank or DBS Corporate Card. All of the EZ-Link cards registered with the business will automatically be topped up whenever there is insufficient value or fall short of the stored value for payments – making this the ideal fleet management solution for any business.

(For personal use, check out our Auto Top-Up service.)

Why choose Auto Top-Up Corporate?

Higher efficiency

With automation and automatic payments in place, less time is required for administrative paperwork and reimbursements for employees.


Drivers of your company will drive with peace of mind – they no longer have to worry about having insufficient funds for ERP charges and Electronic Parking payments!

Enhanced security

Get assurance and better management control – businesses can ensure that EZ Link cards are only used for valid ERP charges and Electronic Parking (CEPAS) fees.

Timely reports

Businesses will receive consolidated reports for review and eases finance reconciliation. This also facilitates management and delivery scheduling for better productivity and monitoring of drivers’ usage patterns.

Avoid last minute top-ups!

Eliminate time and hassle of EZ-Link card payments at physical machines. No more worries of having insufficient funds!

Application Process

Companies with existing Citibank/DBS Corporate account Companies without a Citibank/DBS Corporate account

To apply for Auto Top-Up Corporate, please drop an email to commercialcards.sg@citi.com with subject titled
<EZ-Link Auto Top-up Corporate Service>.


To apply for Auto Top-Up Corporate, please drop an email to comcards@dbs.com with subject titled <EZ-Link Auto Top-up Corporate Service>.

For businesses without a Citibank/DBS
Corporate account, please drop an email to:For CITIBANK:
commercialcards.sg@citi.com with the subject titled <Citibank Auto Top-Up Corporate> and provide the following details:
– Company Name
– Name and Contact Number of Person ApplyingFor DBS:
comcards@dbs.com with the subject titled <DBS Auto Top-Up Corporate> and provide the following details:
– Company Name
– Name and Contact Number of Person Applying
A representative will be in touch and the application process will take up to 21 business days.

Having Problems?

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