Since the launch of our very first EZ-Charm, the Hello Kitty EZ-Charms series in April 2015, EZ-Link has opened up new possibilities for the future. Representing a breakthrough in form factor, we introduced the latest form of contact-less technology developed by EZ-Link.



The Hello Kitty EZ-Charms series is now sold out.

In May 2016, we launched the Batman vs Superman EZ-Charm. Inspired by the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, the EZ-Charm fuses the legendary symbols of the Son of Krypton and the Bat of Gotham into an emblem of Justice and Hope.

Promo_Pink Apple-page-001

The Batman vs Superman EZ-Charms is now sold out as well.


This August 2016, we bring to you the loyal and protective STAR WARS BB-8, the most adorable droid in the entire STAR WARS Universe! – sold out 

Stay tuned with us as we will have other exciting designs coming your way in 2018 for our EZ-Charms series.

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