Card Blocking Service

Cessation of lost card protection by FWD Insurance

Card Blocking Service

‘Card Blocking’ is a value-added program offered by EZ-Link upon the registration of your EZ-Link cards which allows you to enjoy the following value-added services:

    1. Free card-blocking service should you lose your EZ-Link card/charm
    2. Tracking of card transaction history

In order to be eligible for this Card Blocking feature, you will need to add your EZ-Link card to your account via the EZ-Link app.

For SimplyGo EZ-Link cards, you may also use the SimplyGo app.

For EZ-Link cards:

Your EZ-Link will be blocked within 48 hours upon submitting your request via the EZ-Link app. You will be liable for transit usages done within 48 hours of card blocking. We are unable to guarantee that any or all remaining value will be recovered successfully.

For SimplyGo EZ-Link cards:

Your EZ-Link will be blocked immediately upon submitting your request via the EZ-Link app or SimplyGo app.

Once your EZ-Link has been successfully blocked, refund of the remaining value in your EZ-Link will take up to 14 working days.

To block your EZ-Link, login to your account via the EZ-Link app, select the EZ-Link that you would like to block and tap on the “Block” button.
Alternatively, you can call the EZ-Link Hotline at 65-6496 8300 (From 8AM to 6PM daily – except public holidays). During non-operating hours, please leave us a voice mail with your name, contact number and your 16-digit EZ-Link CAN ID. We will contact you within the next working day.

Currently, registrations for card-blocking via the website has been disabled until further notice. To register for card-blocking, you would have to use the EZ-Link app.

Once we complete the blocking of your card, any remaining funds recovered will be refunded to you via crediting to another EZ-Link card of your choice.