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Card Blocking Service

Currently, registrations for card-blocking via the website has been disabled until further notice. To register for card-blocking, you would have to use the EZ-Link app.

Please call our customer service team at 6496 8300 between 8am to 6pm (operates daily except on public holidays).

During non-operating hours, you can leave us a voicemail and we will contact you within the next working day. In your voice mail, please provide your name, contact number and EZ-Link card CAN ID (which can be found on the back of your card, or by logging in to the ‘Card Blocking’ account and clicking on “My Cards”).

You can do so upon signing into your card-blocking account.

Your records of the past 90 transactions made within a 3-month period are kept with us.

Your card will be blocked within 48 hours from the date/time of loss report. We seek your understanding; as the EZ-Link card is a stored value card, we are unable to block the card from immediate usage at time of loss report. As such, we are unable to guarantee that any or all remaining value can be recovered or refunded.

Once we complete blocking of your card, any remaining funds recovered will be refunded to you via crediting to another EZ-Link card of your choice. Here are the steps to request for a refund;

  1. After your report loss/theft of your card to EZ-Link, we will send you an acknowledgement email.
  2. File a police report (only required for lost card requests that invoked card insurance by FWD) on the loss/stolen card and send a copy to EZ-Link within 7 days after you have reported the card loss. Simply reply us via our acknowledgement email.
  3. Nominate another EZ-Link card which has been registered in the EZ-Link app within 7 days, to receive the refund.
  4. We will notify you of the refund status via email, after which you may log in to the EZ-Link app to update your card in order to receive your funds.

Please be informed that the loss report will be processed from the date/time of customer reporting to EZ-Link Customer Service Hotline after signing up for the ‘Card Blocking’ programme. The calculation for refund will be based on the recorded loss reporting date/time, and not before.

It protects you against unauthorised usage of the stored value in your registered EZ-Link card, from the time you’ve reported a loss, to the time the card is blocked. We will refund to you any unauthorised usage on the card, up to a maximum limit of $15 per customer per year.