Keeping it in the family

As a family, we just want to know everyone’s got the funds in their cards to go about their day. The EZ-Link Family Account feature for SimplyGo EZ-Link cards gives the head of a household or a caregiver a convenient way to manage and monitor their dependants’ cards while each member retains their own EZ-Link account and continues to earn EZ-Link Rewards.

The EZ-Link Family Account

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of the Family Account feature

Commonly asked questions

The Family Account introduces group card management for both standard SimplyGo EZ-Link cards and SimplyGo Concession cards to cater to dependants within a household, including seniors, persons with disabilities, tertiary students and more.

The Family Account allows the Head of Family (HOF) or caregiver (i.e. Account Administrator) to invite up to six (6) dependants to be grouped together as a family unit and manage top-ups and transactions for each of them via the EZ-Link app – anytime and anywhere.

The Family Account lets the Head of Family (HOF) or caregiver ensure that the family is safe and that dependants have enough funds in their cards to go about their day.

The Head of Family (HOF) will be the user who creates the Family Account (i.e. Account Administrator).

  • SimplyGo EZ-Link cards
  • SimplyGo Concession cards
    1. Senior Citizens (PAssion Silver Concession Card, Senior Citizen Concession Card)
    2. Workfare Transport Concession Card
    3. Persons with Disabilities Concession Card
    4. Adult Monthly Travel Card
    5. Undergraduate/ Diploma/ Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Student Concession Card
    6. Full-Time National Servicemen (NSF) Concession Card

Note: Plans are in place to include Student Concession cards issued to Ministry of Education students (Primary, Secondary and Junior College). Do keep a look out for future updates.

Yes. You will still be able to view and manage your card in your EZ-Link app account.


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