1. The Account Holder may terminate the EZ-Reload by Card Facility by presenting the relevant EZ-Reload by Card Enabled ez-link card(s) at TransitLink (EZ-Link’s appointed agent) or any Ticket Offices. The Account Holder shall pay all outstanding monies payable to EZ-Link prior to termination of the EZ-Reload by Card Facility. However, termination of the Facility is not allowed while an outstanding debit Amount is pending. Upon payment of the outstanding Amount, the Facility may then be terminated.

  2. The EZ-Reload by Card Facility may be terminated by EZ-Link upon giving at least 7 days’ written notice of the intention to terminate to the Account Holder.

  3. Notwithstanding paragraph 7.2, EZ-Link reserves the right to terminate the EZ-Reload by Card Facility upon written notice to the Account Holder and the Bank in the event that:

    1. there is a breach by the Account Holder or Card Holder in respect of any of the Terms and Conditions contained herein;

    2. there is a failure to receive payment of monies owing to it as provided in paragraph 4;

    3. the Account of the Account Holder is no longer valid; or

    4. EZ-Link is unable to successfully deduct the Revaluation Amount and/or Convenience Fee from the Account.

  4. Upon termination of the EZ-Reload by Card Facility howsoever, the EZ-Reload by Card Facility shall be disabled on the ez-link card, and:

    1. Any and all monies due and owing to EZ-Link by the Account Holder in relation to the terminated EZ-Reload by Card Enabled ez-link card shall be paid within 2 weeks of the date of notification by EZ-Link (as the case may be) of the amount due and owing; and

    2. Provided that EZ-Link shall have the right to set-off any monies owing to it from such remaining Stored Value.

  5. Where the Account Holder owes any amount to EZ-Link in respect of the EZ-Reload by Card Facility services provided by EZ-Link, EZ-Link may in its discretion reject any further application to register any ez-link card for EZ-Reload by Card Facility until any amounts owing has been paid in full.