Definitions and General Terms

  1. EZ-Link App” means an app for mobile devices that can be downloaded by a user (individually a “User” and collectively, “Users”).
  2. EZ-Link Service” means any service offered by EZ-Link which may be obtained through and from the use of the EZ-Link App, as may be determined by EZ-Link from time to time.
  3. EZ-Link Pte Ltd”, “EZ-Link”, “our”, “we” and “us” means EZ-Link Pte Ltd and its successors and assigns.
  4. You” means a User.
  5. These Terms of Use herein apply to the use of the EZ-Link App by you. By your use of the EZ-Link Services contained within the EZ-Link App, you are deemed to have read, acknowledged and agreed to these Terms contained herein and all other future revisions, which may be updated from time to time by EZ-Link Pte Ltd.
  6. You agree that you are responsible for keeping up to date with any revisions to the Terms of Use, which shall be binding on you upon the update of the EZ-Link App. If at any time, you do not agree with these Terms of Use and/or wish to discontinue your Services, please kindly cease usage of the EZ-Link App.
  7. You are also responsible for any and all activity from the EZ-Link App initiated from your user account and/or login, including any activity by authorized or unauthorized users. You shall not allow others to use your account credentials and maintain security to your user account at all times. If you should at any time become aware of any breach in the security of your user account or have any reason to believe that your credentials have been compromised, please change your password immediately and notify us of such breach.
  8. These terms of use governing the use of the EZ-Link App and the EZ-Link Service (“Terms”) incorporate any other terms and conditions which may be expressly stated in these Terms. If there is any conflict or inconsistency between these Terms and other terms and conditions, these Terms will prevail.