You hereby undertake as follows:

  1. to ensure that the Terms and Conditions contained herein are adhered to by you at all times;
  2. to ensure that the Account is valid at all times and there are sufficient funds or sufficient credit limit in the Account at all times in order to meet deductions by EZ-Link pursuant to the EZ-Pay and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions;
  3. to inform EZ-Link immediately of any closure or termination of the Account or change in the Account that may prevent EZ-Link from obtaining a Pre-authorisation or effecting charges from the Account;
  4. to provide EZ-Link with any information as may be reasonably requested by EZ-Link in relation to the issue, use and termination of the EZ-Pay, and to render any and all necessary assistance to EZ-Link and/or any agents appointed by EZ-Link in relation to any investigation relating to the use of the EZ-Pay;
  5. to immediately instruct EZ-Link to terminate the EZ-Pay prior to the closure or termination of the Account or in the event the Card is lost or stolen; and
  6. to be responsible for all Pre-authorisations and charges made to the EZ-Pay account notwithstanding the loss or theft of the Card or the theft or transfer of the vehicle to which the EZ-Pay account is registered to until such time when you inform us to close or terminate the EZ-Pay Account.