1. In the course of providing the EZ-Pay services, you understand and agree that EZ-Link may collect, compile, store, process and use Personal Data belonging to you for the purposes of processing, providing and managing the EZ-Pay services. You also agree that EZ-Link has the right to disclose Personal Data collected from you to Land Transport Authority and EZ-Link’s subcontractors for the purpose of operating and providing the EZ-Pay services.
  2. EZ-Link represents and warrants that it shall comply with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act (Act 26 of 2012 of Singapore) (“PDPA”) in respect of the collection, use, disclosure and other handling of Personal Data, and that such data will not be transferred out of Singapore for any reason.“Personal Data” means data, whether true or not, about an individual which can be identified
    • from the data; or
    • from that data and other information to which the receiving party has or is likely to have access.