Terms and Conditions – Family Account Feature

  1. The family account feature allows a collective group of EZ-Link App accounts to form a connected unit (“Family Account”).
  2. Users are required to have a registered account on the EZ-Link App before he/she can create or join a Family Account.
  3. A maximum of seven (7) EZ-Link App accounts can join a Family Account and each EZ-Link App account holder can join a maximum of two (2) Family Accounts.
  4. The Family Account feature will only be applicable for SimplyGo EZ-Link cards. When a user has joined a Family Account, the user will be able to nominate a maximum of three (3) SimplyGo EZ-Link Cards for usage within the Family Account feature.
  5. The user that creates the Family Account will be appointed the Family Account administrator (“Head of Family”). The Head of Family will be able to send invitation(s) to other EZ-Link App accounts to join the Family Account.
  6. The EZ-Link App account(s) that are invited to join a Family Account (“Dependent”) will have the option to accept or reject an invitation from a Head of Family. If the invitation is neither accepted nor rejected, it will expire after seven (7) days. By accepting the invitation(s), Dependents agree to grant permission to their Head of Family to view their SimplyGo EZ-Link card balance and transaction details and utilise other features available under the Family Account.
  7. The Head of Family may remove Dependents from their Family Account at any time. Dependents will also have the option to leave a Family Account at any time.
  8. Through the Family Account feature, the Head of Family will be able to have access to the following functions and other functions that are added from time to time:
    • view a Dependent’s SimplyGo EZ-Link card balance and transaction details;
    • receive notifications about low balance alerts for a Dependent’s SimplyGo EZ-Link card balance;
    • Top-up a Dependent’s SimplyGo EZ-Link card(s) remotely.